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Games are one of the most exciting ways to spend your free time. They are both a wonderful mind-bending workout and a fun way to liven up your everyday routine. If you are a professional player, you will have a preferred gaming genre. Popular genres include arcade, action, puzzles, adventure, real-time, and so forth. WWE 2K19 is a popular wrestling video game among gamers when it comes to action video games. Want to explore more gaming review articles you should visit gaming beasts.

What is the Story of the WWE 2k19 Video Game?

Yoke’s created WWE 2k19, which was released by 2K Sports. It is a professional video game with wrestling as the core topic. The makers published the video game in October 2018. Millions of gamers across the globe continue to enjoy the gaming franchise. It has variants that are both predecessors and successors. Since its first debut, the videogame series has been an immediate hit.

WWE 2k19 is a video game that was published for the PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One. WWE 2k19 is the 20th game in the WWE game series, if you didn’t already know. Under the title of WWE 2K, the game is ranked sixth. And it debuted in the gaming market after the release of its predecessor, WWE 2k18.

WWE 2k19 will include a massive roster of well-known WWE superstars, including Hall of Famers and legends, as well as 205 Live favourites. This game’s players may take use of the video game’s diverse action elements. Read more about WWE on Wikipedia.


When compared to the previous edition of WWE 2k18, there were several gameplay enhancements in WWE 2k19. When opposed to the previous edition, the 2k19 version has a stronger hitting mechanism and significantly superior AI. One of the fantastic gameplay aspects in WWE 2k19 is the payback system. The payback system is a defensive-based, multi-tiered gaming mechanism that is meant to boost the pace and spirit of a player’s battle. With the repayment mechanism, the action sequences in the ring improve.

In terms of animations and visual effects When compared to the previous edition, WWE 2k19 has improved animations and responsiveness. The game’s frame rate has also been greatly enhanced. Improved match types may be found in the 2k19 edition. Along with the Hell in a Cell match type, there is a five-person match type variant. Money in the bank and steel cage bouts also show significant differences or improvements. You can download this game from gamingbeasts.com

Features of this Game

WWE 2k19 has significant updates and upgrades to the gameplay method and aesthetics, making it the greatest option for all WWE game fans.

The roster of the game

WWE 2k19 includes more than 200 WWE game superstars. You may very well live like these video game heroes. In the video game, there are about 200 real Superstars, Hall of Famers and legends, as well as your favorite WWE and NXT wrestlers. Shinnosuke Nakamura, Seth Rollins, Brock Lesner, AJ Styles, Braun Strowman, Velveteen Dream, Alister Black, Dwayne the Rock Johnson, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Johnny Gargano, and others are among the prominent stars. Isn’t it amazing? You should play the game to experience what it’s like to be a superstar.

The Journey of Daniel Bryan

In the WWE 2k19 video game, players may experience WWE King Daniel Bryan’s life and adventure. The game depicts his life’s highs and lows, from his ascension through his retirement in 2018. His quest is told via a series of personal stories. The game includes ‘The Return of Daniel Bryan,’ which includes some of his most dramatic bouts. You may also go through a plethora of unlocked characters and moments throughout Bryan’s career.

Creation Suite of WWE 2k19

WWE 2k19 also has a fantastic creative suite. There are several enhancements and new features in the 2k19 edition. You should also take notice of the Custom option, which allows you to design your own Money in the Bank briefcase. Create a championship, create an arena, and create a superstar are all possibilities in the creation suite. And that isn’t even all of it. There are others. Explore the game in real-time to learn more about its features.

2K Towers

This version of WWE 2k19 includes the 2K Tower’s mode. Players may transport their WWE superstars to the game’s various towers. There are around 20 distinct towers, each with its own set of matches and obstacles. The modulations or variations in the match and player nature are shown in such a manner that the gamers are awestruck while they play.

WWE Universe mode

The Championship system in the game has been improved. In the 2k19 edition, the number of championships places each show has increased from four to six. There are new animations, Managers and custom match support, Superstar save profiles, and so forth. Gamers may also designate Money in the Bank matches to showcase schedules and generate money. Click Here to explore other gaming reviews.

Wrestling fans will undoubtedly like this game. The game has realistic wrestling motions. Upon its first release, this professional video game received great and favorable reviews. It was even nominated for many gaming awards in various nations. One of the most notable features of the WWE 2k19 video game is the My Career mode.

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