WoW TBC gold farming tips

For those looking to make some gold in WoW Burning Crusade, there are a few different ways you can go about it. The first method is farming for rare mobs and looting them. Once you have found one of these mobs, kill it as fast as possible so others cannot get to it before you loot its corpse! This will ensure your success when trying this method out! 

For those who don’t want to spend time killing rare mobs or simply don’t want to deal with the hassle of finding.

Loot everything.

If something doesn’t have a place where it can go, just toss it on the floor. Then you’ll know where to pick it up later when you have time for all that stuff. You might want some specific things like leather or cloth or glyphs so you need to sort by item type so you don’t sell anything with a use by mistake. You may want to sort out your gray items from white or green items etc.

The faster you sell, the more you make wow tbc gold!

Optimize your bag space.

Each person is different and can have a totally different way of doing this but remember these tips:

-You might find it easier if each character has their own bag.

-You can choose which char you want to see on your character(s) little bags by clicking the arrow on that characters name or right click them and pick edit. You will find the option to show their personal bag with an arrow pointing up between all of your bags. That way you can sell faster if you don’t need to alt tab or switch between characters.

-You can pick up items you want to sell on the other character if you didn’t make a second one yet by pressing ctrl+shift+right click (or use right click and choose “pickup items’ ‘ option). The first option should be “take all”. To take items between characters you need to choose the second one which is “take all ”. Beware that this will take everything including glyphs or quest items. You can use “take all” on quests, or it might get taken anyways if you do.

-You can make a macro with “/script PickupContainerItem(bagID, slot)” where the bagID is the number of your character’s bags and slot is the slot you want to pick up. Then put this in chat: “/script PickupContainerItem(1, 1)”. Double check that you accepted the quest on both characters or it might not work (it will tell you if it’s wrong).

-You can make a macro with “/script PickupInventoryItem(bag, slot)” where the bag is your character’s bag and the slot is a number between 1-10. Then put this in chat: “/script PickupInventoryItem(1, 10)”.

-You can make a macro with “/script TakeAllInContainer(bagID)” where the bagID is the number of your character’s bags. Then put this in chat: “/script TakeAllInContainer(1)”.

-You can make a macro with “/script TakeAllInBag(slot)” where the slot is something between 1-10. Then put this in chat: “/script TakeAllInBag(10)”.

-You can make a macro with “/script PickupGlyph(glyphID)” where the glyphID is the number of a glyph. Then put this in chat: “/script PickupGlyph(2)”.

Sell your craft items 

If you have a lot of time to level your professions, “craft items that sell well”. You can have a look on making gold with crafting if you have time.

Pick up gathering professions.

If you have the time, I suggest leveling your professions if you want to make some money. You can craft items that sell well and even check the auction house for what sells well. In this case it would be either glyphs or gems.

Learn to fish.

If you are not high enough level to make an awesome character yet, learn how to fish. You can sell your fish on the Auction House for a little money and it will help you out because its slow gathering professions like skinning, mining or herbalism. That way you can get some extra gold.

Do your daily quests.

If you are low level, try doing your dailies if you don’t have time to gather professions while leveling. It might save you some gold and it’s also the fastest way to get equipment for your character because it gives rewards that can be sold easily for a good price at the auction house. If you don’t have 17 gold yet or if you have a lot of time, just do them when you can.

Use the auction house effectively.

You can use the auction house to your advantage and get good money for things that sell well (most importantly glyphs and gems). 

You will need more than one character but it is possible. The problem is that you have to find out which items sell well but the main idea behind the auction house is that it has a lot of people in it. That means that if there are many items being sold, they will sell really fast so you should put your stuff up on the auction immediately when you see an item selling well. For example kobold engineering goggles are always in demand, so you should sell them instantly. 

Another example would be frostweave cloth which sells well because people need it for tailoring or alchemy. You can just put your stuff on the auction house that you don’t want anymore and then log off. If someone pays more gold than what you got at first, you will get the extra gold when you log in again.

These are some of the most important suggestions for beginners. I recommend finding out more about the auction house, professions or reading guides that tell you how to make money fast on different websites like wow secrets guide.


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