Worried About the Wall Fan Price? Here’s 3 Things You Should Know

Wall fans are the best when it comes to saving space, and conserving electricity and they are as good as ceiling fans and even better in some aspects, when it comes to offering the most value for money. So, if you are thinking of getting one for your home, then you have made the right choice and don’t need to worry about wall fan price as they are cost effective and affordable compared to ceiling fans.

What you should think about though, are other crucial aspects that make a high-quality wall fan if you want yours to be the absolute best in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and we are here to help! 

Here are the things that you should consider whenever planning to buy a wall fan. 

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  1. Buy a Larger Sized Fan

You might think that a smaller sized wall fan should be good enough for your room; however, it’s more likely that you would end up running the fan at full power at all times to feel refreshed resulting in more power usage and easy wear and tear of the components because fans are generally on all the time. 

Therefore, it’s best to opt for a larger sized fan since you can get more air delivery even at low to medium speeds even when trying to cool a decently sized room which makes the service life of the fan longer and cost less in maintenance. 

  1. Build Quality

If you are planning to buy a fan for your home, then a fan made of lightweight construction material should be good enough as it costs less and offers the efficiency you expect. However, if you are wanting to purchase it for an industrial setup, go for a sturdier model that’s made of metal for maximum effect and service life guarantee even if the wall fan price is higher.  

  1. Motor Quality and Speed

The quality of the motor that powers the fan is equally proportional to the efficiency with which the fan can direct and throw air throughout the room. A high-powered motor that’s of an impeccable build quality is crucial as it will allow the fan to operate at maximum efficiency for decades without requiring much maintenance. The Luminous Mojo Plus White Wall Fan, for example, comes with a highly effective motor that let’s this wall fan offer excellent air quality. 

Also, having the option to control the speed of the fan comes in handy when you don’t want it running at higher speeds and would rather prefer a breeze than an absolute storm in the house, so check whether your wall mount fan offers this handy feature or not. 

  1. Easy to Operate 

A wall mount fan is incredibly easy to install. Unlike ceiling fans, these fans do not require complicated installations or fixtures and can be installed without much help. You can also operate these fans easily and some of them even come with a remote control. 

  1. Space Saver 

Another thing that makes these fans a great option for homes is that they are incredibly space saving. They don’t take up any room on your ceiling or you floor and offer the same air-quality as a ceiling or a pedestal fan without occupying a lot of space. 

For example, the Luminous Fanfare Wall Fan comes with a super sleek body but offers excellent air quality without taking up much space in your room. 

Now that you have an idea on what you need to consider, it’s time to reveal a lesser-known secret. 

This has nothing to do with your buying decision, but we are just throwing it into the mix so that you know how effective your wall mount fan can be even during the peak of winters? 

A wall mount fan can be really effective if you have high ceilings and rooflines. All you need to do is position them in a way so they induce a circular airflow pattern while the heating is on resulting in reduced heat stratification and will significantly help in lowering your heating costs. 

Luminous has a range of impressive wall mount fans all designed to offer the most value for money. If you are looking for modern designs with excellent service life and lower maintenance costs then you can’t miss their catalog of wall mount fans complete with wall fan price and other details readily available for comparison. Go explore now! 

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