Wisdom Tooth Removal: What to Expect

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When our back molars begin to emerge from our gums, usually between ages 17 to 21. The molars can cause our teeth to shift and may cause us discomfort. In order to save us from crocked smiles or misaligned bites, your dentist will recommend wisdom teeth removal.

Now that we’ve gone over what may cause wisdom tooth removal, let’s go over some other things to expect from and after your procedure.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth are removed when they are an issue or will become one affecting your overall dental health. It is not a cosmetic procedure a dentist recommends without reason.

If your wisdom teeth are impacted, not coming in in the right direction, or if your mouth just isn’t big enough. All three reasons mentioned above can affect your other teeth by pushing them forward or back, overcrowding, and causing you general discomfort.

An infected wisdom tooth can be the result of a cavity or gum disease. Since your wisdom teeth are so far back brushing sand flossing them properly can be difficult.


Soreness is typically the extent f the pain you will feel in the days following your tooth extraction. The anesthesia administered for your procedure will last about three hours after it is completed.

Along with an icepack to treat the pain and swelling and antibiotics, dentists will recommend a prescription or over-the-counter pain killer.

In order to assure proper healing, you will avised by your dentist on things to do and not do to promote healing. Smoking, alcohol, hard foods, coffee, and drinking through a star belong on the Do Not Do list.


You will experience swelling that can last up to a week on the affected side of the procedure. 

To curb to minimize swelling, dentists recommend treating the area with an ice pack as soon as possible, for jaw soreness a moist heat is recommended.

If you experience continued or worsening swelling for longer than a week, trouble swallowing, blood or puss coming out of your nose, fever, pain not controlled by your medication, or uncontrolled bleeding please seek medical attention.

The Cost

The average cost of a single wisdom tooth removal procedure is $99. Many dental offices understand that the cost can be a deciding factor for a procedure many will need.

The cost for an impacted tooth can start at $250 and go upwards of $500 for a single tooth. Emergency wisdom tooth removal, like other emergency procedures, only increases the price. 

Many dental offices like Ocean Dental Studio offer specials, as well as free consultations. Verifying that a wisdom tooth extraction is the right move forward for you.

Save Your Smile

As with most medical procedures, wisdom tooth removal is done because the benefits far outweigh any possible side-effects.

Our teeth are with us for the long haul, so why not take the necessary steps to preserve them and keep our smiles intact. One wisdom tooth removal surgery could prevent you from having to receive more serious dental surgeries.

Interested in learning more about wisdom teeth? Check out our other articles on dental care.

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