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Sana khan, a departed model and actress, got fame from Big Boss season 6 as a finalist. She left Bollywood in 2020 and married a Gujarat based diamond merchant named Mufti Anas. Sana Khan has appeared in fourteen films, and these all were in 5 different languages such as Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi. She has shown up in over 45 advertisements. Recently, she left Bollywood after the breakup with her ex-boyfriend (Melvin Louis) and got engaged with Mufti Anas, who restored peach in her through his spiritual lectures. Do you know who Mufti Anas is? What is Mufti Anas net worth? How did they meet? Let’s find out below…!!!!

Do you have any idea what we are going to discuss today? Let me clear this. I will discuss Mufti Anas net worth, Sana Khan husband biography, Sana Khan net worth, Who is Mufti Anas, Sana Khan husband age, Sana Khan husband name, Sana Khan husband Mufti Anus. A lot to read today. Are you excited…? Let’s begin.

What is Sana Khan husband biography? Do you know Sana Khan husband name? 

Mufti Anas, also known as Mufti Syed Saheb, is a businessman and runs his family’s diamond business. He was trending on social media last year in 2020 because of his marriage with actress Sana khan. Mufti lives a luxurious life and has established his empire in various other countries. Collecting luxurious cars is one of his favourite hobbies. Let’s give a quick look at Sana Khan husband biography below.

Name Mufti Anas Syed Saheb
Date of birth June 30, 1985
Age 36
Place of birth Surat, Gujrat
Height 5ft. 5inch
Weight Approx. 70kg
Profession Diamond merchant
Instagram @anas_saiyad20

Mufti loves his luxurious life and his simple-looking Kurta costs between 90k – 1 lac. Mufti has completed his education at a local school in Surat and has completed his graduation from Gujarat University. Currently, he is living a successful life and goes viral on the internet when he ties a knot with celebrity Sana khan. So, the above given is some about Sana khan husband biography.

Do you have any idea about Mufti Anas net worth? How much has he made from his diamond business?

According to some sources, we estimate Mufti Anas net worth at approx. $30 million/200 crore and, it can be more than this today (2021). As you can see, he is a young millionaire, and he is also fond of luxurious watches, shoes and cars. 

Mufti Anas is a successful Gujrat based diamond merchant, and he owns various properties in foreign countries and has a value of around $7 million. There is not much information available about Mufti Anas net worth.  But I hope this information is enough to know who is Mufti Anas.

How much is Sana Khan net worth? Is she still working as an actress in Bollywood?

Sana Khan has acted in various hit movies like Jai ho, Bombay to Goa, Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal, Halla Bol, Wajah Tum Ho and many more. She was a finalist contestant of Salman khan’s hosted show Big Boss 2012. You can easily estimate that Sana has come a long way and is a hard-working actress.

But a recent unpleasant incident of the breakup with her ex-boyfriend Melvin Louis changed her life completely. After meeting with Mufti through Ajaz Khan, she moves towards peace and her religion and left the Bollywood world. Let’s give a quick look at Sana Khan net worth and her bio.

Name Sana Khan (Saiyad Sana Khan)
Date of birth August 21, 1988
Age 32
Place of birth Mumbai
Height 5ft. 3inches/161cm/1.61m
Weight 57kg/117lbs
Religion Islam
Instagram @sanakhaan21

Sana Khan net worth ranges from USD 1 million to USD 10 million. Rest you can follow her on her Instagram account @sanakhaan21 ( to get daily updates about her.

Who is Mufti Anas? Can you guess Sana Khan husband age?

Mufti Anas is a well-known diamond merchant in Gujrat. He was known to the world when Sana Khan uploaded her wedding videos and images with him on Instagram. Sana Khan’s were shocked after seeing Sana’s wedding news on the internet. 

You can find daily updates of Mufti Anas by following him on his Instagram account ( His schooling and higher studies were done in Surat, Gujrat only and currently, he is running his family business of diamonds. So now you know who is Mufti Anas.

Coming to Sana Khan husband age, He was born on June 30, 1985, in Surat, Gujrat and, his age is 36 as of 2021. Rest you can see here ( how Sana Khan celebrated Mufti Anas birthday.


So, Mufti Anas Sana story is one of the famous couple stories and, Sana’s fans love to see her regular posts of her love life. From a promising actress to a married religious woman, Sara has changed her complete life after marrying his love Mufti Anas. Even after going through a critical phase in her life, she stood up for herself and is living a peaceful life now. So above given is the complete information about Sana Khan husband Mufti Anas. I hope you like this story. Share your thoughts in the comments below, see you soon… stay tuned… stay connected…!!

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Last modified: July 28, 2021

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