Why Would a Woman Wear Jewelry, Especially Necklaces?

Have you ever wondered why women need jewelry and why women from time immemorial tried to decorate themselves in every possible way? Women are obliged, regardless of the occasion, to adorn themselves every day with 14k gold chain necklace womens, bracelets, earrings, beads etc. It is not for nothing that women love to adorn themselves with precious stones and all kinds of costume jewelry. 

The beauty of a woman comes primarily from the inside, when a woman has a rich and beautiful inner world, it begins to shine through, filling the woman with extraordinary radiance and charm. In order to look especially attractive on the outside, in addition to inner beauty, women take care of themselves. Men are primarily attracted by external beauty, and after that, they begin to be interested in what is hidden inside! Every man wants to have a beautiful life companion text to him, whom he could admire and be proud of!

What Makes Women More attractive?  

One of the main tasks of a woman is to have a lot of beautiful jewelry and wear them every day. Pendants, beads, women’s fashion necklaces like heart necklace, butterfly necklace etc. fall on three areas of the most important energy zones- the throat, cardiac and solar plexus. By decorating these parts of the body, we accumulate the energy of these centers, subsequently, it affects our inner world- it contributes to the development of creativity, faith, love, compassion, femininity, fulfilment, harmony, awareness of our strength, self-confidence. Earnings protect the upper energy centers. It is beneficial to wear long earrings as they increase feminine energy.  

The necklaces affect the movement of energies in the body. It is good for women to have a pair of gold elephant necklace with stones that are suitable for them, they will serve as the strongest protective aura.

You should choose stone necklaces, slowly, try on, hold in your hands, try to feel and hear your feelings at the same time. The jewelry will be yours when you want to wear it all the time and not take it off. This will be an auspicious hint, meaning that this particular decoration is your amulet and talisman. You can also resort to the advice of astrologers and numerologists. 

Finally, I will intrigue, who buys jewelry for a woman? 

Ancient scriptures say that it is a man’s responsibility to buy and give jewelry to a woman. In families, these were even a special expense item- for the purchase of jewelry and outfits for a woman. Women who accept jewelry from a man subconsciously begin to belong to a man. Her thoughts are directed only to this man. When a woman is focused only on her husband, he will certainly become successful and wealthy. Therefore, men should regularly give jewelry to their wives!

Be beautiful, surround yourself with beauty, communicate with physically and spiritually beautiful women, and, of course, wear your favourite jewelry more often, but better every day!

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