Why Viking Culture Is Making a Comeback?

Vikings were some extraordinary people. They lived in the northern parts of Europe, in what today is modern Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Their culture is one of the best-preserved until today because it left a tremendous impact on the new generations. Learn more about them here.

They had a rise of expansion between the eighth and the eleventh century AD. During this time they actively invaded neighboring islands and lands, like Island, the British parts, and even got to the North American continent but never settled there.

On South, they managed to get all the way to Iran and Arabia. They used the sea and the rivers for their exploration and plundering. Rarely they walked and invade countries through the land like other conquering civilizations through time.

What is their culture?

The Viking left a huge impact wherever they went. They were excellent warriors, but also amazing tradesmen. This is why they made great connections with the local people. Through this, they managed to establish contact and impact with their beliefs and culture.

They believed in the Norse gods. The main God was Odin, but others were also highly popular, like Thor, Freya, Vidar, Balder, Loki, and others. Even today, their impact on us is huge. You’ve surely seen that TV series Vikings in which the tradition of theirs is perfectly described. Then, there’s the movie Thor which explains everything about Nordic gods.

What is probably the most amazing is that today’s words for the days of the week come directly from the Viking culture. The days of the modern calendar week are named as a praise to their gods. That’s how Thursday was invented – it was the Thor’s day. Friday was dedicated to Freya, or it is the Freya’s day, and so on. Every day was dedicated to some of their gods, and we still seem to be celebrating them by using these names.

Viking jewelry and art

Another thing that has a great impact on us is the fashion style that these guys had back in the day. It seems like it was so well made and had such a huge impact on people succeeding them in history, that their fashion sense still stands strong today.

In fact, in the last couple of decades, the jewelry they used becomes more and more popular among the young generations. Of course, the TV shows and the sudden rising of the popularity of the Viking cultures do their part, but think about it – if they didn’t have what to show, we wouldn’t have been interested in it.

Their jewelry is amazing. They were it for religious purposes mainly but made them look extraordinary. Men were rings, necklaces, and earrings too. They used to protect them against evil spirits and gods. These guys were furious and fearless, but they couldn’t handle god power. So they used jewelry as artifacts that will protect them.

Today, we wear these items as a fashion statement. The underground scene adores these items, but also royalty loves wearing vintage rings and earrings that were used by strong women in these glorious times. If you want to be a part of this culture, feel free to look on the internet for some pieces. Learn more about their fashion here: https://norse-mythology.net/vkng-post/.

How to find vintage Viking jewelry?

There are lots of online stores that sell authentic jewelry from this time. The true Vikings used to wear pieces that were made of bronze, silver, and gold, although the last one was only worn by the top class in the community.

Today, there are lots of handmade pieces that you can get. If you see diamonds or other precious stones, be sure that you’re not looking into a Viking piece. They didn’t wear things like these. All their jewelry was made from original precious metals.


The Viking culture has never truly left. We are happy to have their testimony preserved and able to recreate how they used to live. There a lot of artifacts that these people left all around the world. Their legacy now lives through those who are happy to wear parts of their culture through fashion.

If you want to do the same, you can find some of the best pieces on the internet. Take a second to do the research and be sure that you’re happy with what you find.

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