Why real estate mobile app development is one of the trends of this industry?

High technology has long penetrated the real estate industry. Mobile apps are widely used by startups and agencies. Services for smartphones allow you to attract a new audience, simplify the search for objects and the conclusion of transactions.

Are you in the real estate market? Consider introducing a mobile service to complement your other marketing tools.

How to use mobile apps for real estate business? There are several options. It can be:

·     services for finding housing for daily rent;

·     startup projects applications;

·     mobile services of developers (for the sale of real estate);

·     applications aggregators of ads for residential and commercial real estate, etc.

The application and the website complement each other’s capabilities and make your company’s marketing even more effective.

Key features of real estate applications

The set of functions depends on the tasks that the application will perform. But they also have a few things in common:

ü database with real estate objects;

ü administrative panel with the ability to moderate;

ü analytical tools;

ü user feedback form;

ü synchronization of the database on the website and in the application.

It is also possible to integrate a map of objects and detailed information about each house or apartment. To do it it is necessary to use real estate software development services.

Through applications for daily rent, you can view the booking calendar, leave requests and even pay. If these functions are needed for your project, the developers will implement them.

How the application is developed

The work begins with an application from a potential client. He is consulted by a manager who will answer all questions. At the next stage, the needs of the client are studied and the concept of the application is formed.

After agreeing on the details, a contract is signed with the customer. The document necessarily states:

§  exact deadlines,

§  project price and all additional payments,

§  guarantees and obligations of the parties,

§  parameters and functionality of the future application.

Choose a Team, like  DjangoStars, that has successfully completed dozens of projects in the field of mobile application development. In addition, she must have extensive experience in software development for construction companies and real estate agencies, which may include:

1.  development of corporate websites for construction companies;

2.  development and implementation of CRM systems for developers;

3.  development of personal portals for real estate agencies and realtors;

4.  development of personal websites for residential complexes and new buildings.

Thanks to the latest design solutions and technologies, the application will be convenient to use and as reliable as possible. You will receive not just a high-tech program, but a modern service and marketing tool that will help your business grow and develop faster.

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