Why More Americans Are Moving to the Suburbs

Are the bright city lights starting to lose their shine? A time comes when the glitz and glamour of city living give way to reality and you need a more comfortable life. Like many Americans, you need to know the benefits of moving to the suburbs. 

Who would not want more space and less expenditure? Read on for our must-know guide on why you should consider moving to the suburbs. 

Remote Working

One of the biggest shifts toward moving to the suburbs came during the global pandemic of 2020. As many operations switched to remote working and functioned perfectly well as they did so, many realized there was no need to shift back. 

Having a premises costs money. With the astronomical rents charged in many cities, it pays for businesses to stay remote. In addition, workers do not have to take long commutes or pay transportation or parking costs. 

This economic boom has not just impacted living. Many businesses, such a moval firms, are benefitting. If you want to know more about moving leads for your business then visit here. 


Cities are bustling, dynamic places filled with excitement. However, many people are realizing the advantages of a quiet neighborhood. You can sleep easily without the noises of traffic blaring, sirens wailing and voices shouting. 

Many suburbs also have all the amenities you would get in a large city. They have great restaurants, good social circles, and often at a lower cost. 


In most instances, living in the city vs suburbs comes down to space. City living is expensive, and many people often find themselves in small accommodation that is not fit for their purpose. If they choose to start a family, this often becomes untenable. 

Moving to the suburbs often allows bigger properties for your money, either when buying or renting. This is also made more alluring by the fact that living in a home allows access to a garden and outdoor space. These can often be missing from city living. 


Safety is wholly dependent on where you are moving to and from. However, in general, the suburbs are much more likely to be a safer option than the city. 

Suburbs often have small communities that can look out for each other. Local police forces are also not as stretched, as they have less population in certain areas to deal with than they do in cities. All of this combines to create a much safer environment, where crime rates are generally lower than in cities. 

Make a Plan for Moving to the Suburbs

Now you know the benefits of moving to the suburbs, start to work out the costs. See how much you could save by working out the differences in your current spending and projected spending in the suburbs. Write a list of positives and disadvantages for both, and see which works out best. 

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