Why is Cat So Crazy In Victorious? Here’s Why She Seemed Unstable

You must have been familiar with the nickelodeon show “victorious”. To know more “why was Cat crazy in victorious ?” stick with this article to know some of the most asked questions such as “why is cat crazy in victorious” / “why was cat from victorious crazy”. 

Nickelodeon is a very popular channel for kids that telecasts interactive and learning shows on its channel. Among those Nickelodeon “victorious” is one of the popular shows that airs on the channel. It is a situational comedy show created by director schneider. 

Everyone has witnessed that Nickelodeon has relentlessly created a world for the entertainment of millions of kids as well as people around the globe. With the Nickelodeon show we have got a reason to smile at home watching television. 

Within the top most ranking shows “victorious” is one of the most viewed sitcoms of the channel. The protagonist of the show is Victoria Justice, who is played by Tori vega. Victoria is an active and jolly character who is attending her Hollywood arts high school. The cast of Victorious also has Leon Thomas 3, Matt bennet, Ariana Grande, the popular American pop star. To know more stick with us having title “Why was cat crazy in victorious”

What was cat crazy in victorious?

The role of the cat valentine was played by none other than the popular american pop star Ariana Grande. With the couple of shows telecasted the cat valentine became very famous among the people , it was because of her life-like character and natural talent. The nature of the cat valentine is very short in temper of emotion and grumpy. Though don’t fall in trap of their external appearance, the character was very quirky in terms of handling her criticism. She might lose her mind listening to any variety of negative talks about her.  If we talk about her appearance on the show, “why is cat so crazy in victorious”. she was the most stylish character of the show with red dyed hair. 

It is very little known about the victorious nature or her part of personality that is why she is so cranky. It might be because during the show as it has most of the time kept out of limelight 

Bipolar- the reason ‘why was cat crazy in victorious’

 Most of the people don’t know why was cat crazy in victorious of Nickelodeon show. The   real reason behind this will be answered here. We will give you the most asked question by our audiences “why was cat from victorious crazy”

The major reason behind the erratic nature of the cat is her bipolar disorder and so related to this we can reach to our answer for the query “ why is cat crazy in victorious”. Most of the audience doesn’t pay heed to the polar disorder that she is suffering from. It can be seen in the non-conventional reaction of the cat victorious such as spiked self-esteem, to chatter excessively and represent a garrulous nature sometime, etc. this kind of traits leads to the bipolar disorder that she has been suffering in the show. Many times we have seen certain mood swings from excessive low thoughts to manically high one. Therefore following such traits we might reach to the explanation regarding the most important part of this article is that “why is cat so crazy in victorious”

What is the show victorious about?

Victorious is a show that airs on nickelodeon which revolves around Tory vega, an aspiring singer who wants to get all the glory and fame in the singing world. 

While on her interesting journey she meets Andre, a quintessential musician and Cat, who is a non-conventional character of this story. There are some other characters too that you will find interesting to know and how they sync with each other. Their relationship with each other is sometimes good and sometimes gets really nastly especially between Tori and Jade, a mean or nastry girl. According to the theory experts suggest that cat had some kind of disorder. So people are keen to know “why is cat crazy in victorious”?

The answer regarding ‘why was cat from victorious crazy’ is explained in the article above.

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