Air conditioning units are a necessity in every building where people live. Homes with no ductwork or small space are ideal for ductless mini-split AC units.  Choosing an air conditioning is an important decision and this calls for a research into the unit you are going to buy. Ac units, no matter whether it is ductless, or ducted, will require regular maintenance and air conditioning service in Sacramento for long term efficiency and prolongs its lifespan. 

In this blog, we will look at the benefits of installing a ductless Ac unit in your home:

It’s ability to cool different zones of your home

Ductless ac systems are compact. They are simple and compact in size. If you want to cool some areas or zones of your home, you can mount indoor air handlers on the walls of those zones or rooms. The outdoor unit is kept outside which is connected to all of these air handlers. One outdoor unit can be connected up to 4 indoor air handlers.

Allow you to create different temperature in different rooms 

Instead of cooling the entire home, this type of ac unit allows you to do zone cooling, reducing your AC bills. Choosing ductless mini-split ACs for your home also lets you control the cooling of different rooms. You are in control of setting different temperatures in different rooms. So, this gives you the freedom to set the different temperatures according to different zones, as per your preferences. 

Increased efficiency 

When you go into the market for purchasing an AC unit, SEER and EER are ratings that you would have come across. SEER value should be high if you want a greater energy-efficient Ac system. Ductless AC systems usually have a higher SEER rating as compared to ducted systems. So, when you invest in a ductless AC system, you will be able to reduce your utility costs because it uses less energy.  

Installation is simple 

Not only are the ductless Ac units compact in size, they have an easy installation process. In fact, installation is also fast. Since there is no ductwork, their installation can be done fast. When you need installation of a system, always rely on professional and experienced AC and water heater repair in Sacramento company for successful and correct installation. 

Improved air quality

With a ducted system, there are more chances of catching allergies due to the dirt it catches in it. But when you have a ductless AC unit, it has multi-layer filtration, which helps reduce the amount of dirt and other pollutants from accumulating. 

Does Not need to be maintained as much as other HVAC systems. 

Ductless ac units don’t require much maintenance. Keep its filters clean, and maintain and clear vents, this is all it takes to keep it in a top shape. Ductwork Ac will require cleaning its ducts, but with ductless there is no need. Maintenance is important if you want your ductless AC system to last up to at least 40years. 

Hire AC and heating repair in Sacramento professionals for maintenance service from time to time. 

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