Why Businesses Need To Register Their Brand Name

If talk about the trademark, it is considered as the brand identifier. “Trademark associate with the company name, unique symbol, design, phrase, brand logo or sometimes it is a combination of these elements that help to distinguish the product among the competitors”. Operating the business without trademark registration means you put your business products and services at risk. If you do not register the brand name or logo, then someone else does.

Before operating your company, securing your intellectual property must be your top priority because it gives you the right to protect your brand identity. Trademark registration stops others to create or using the same sign at the back of your business. If you register the trademark, you have authority to legally protect your mark and use it on various products you are going to manufacture. However once you file the trademark and your brand consider as the registered company, and you have authority to take action against businesses who are trying to register a conflicting mark.

Your services and products registered under the USPTO, the trademark starts to develop an amazing brand value and help you to run a successful business.

Is it Necessary to Register The Trademark?

If you think registering the trademark is not obligatory. You need to know to register the brand name as a trademark is good. If another business tries to use a similar or same name, you will have legal rights to stop them and file a case against infringing. A trademark name means it is your brand asset, no one has the right to use it. According to the United States Patent and Trademark rules, they notify the enterprises to create a distinctive mark that must be strong and help you to stand in the commercial market.

Before the online filing of trademark, find out the mark which is best suitable for your business services. Remember every trademark is not going to register under the trademark laws such as; generic mark. Trademark is divided into four categories that include; suggestive mark, descriptive mark, arbitrary mark, or fanciful mark.

o   Suggestive trademark 

This type of trademark is generally registrable and belongs to strong trademarks. In suggestive trademarks, it merely refers to the function of goods and services.

o   Descriptive trademark 

Descriptive trademarks are used to show the characteristics, function, and other elements of products and services. Therefore, a descriptive mark is weaker than a suggestive mark.

o   Arbitrary trademark 

Arbitrary marks generally use in linguistics and help to identify particular goods or services. They considered as the strong mark and consists of the word or symbol.

o   Fanciful trademark  

A fanciful trademark considers as the strongest mark because of its distinctive characteristics. This type of mark has not specific meanings. They are also known as coined marks.

Benefits of RegisteringTrademark

· Prevent your mark from Copying

 In the competitive market, protect the product and services is the toughest task ever. But trademark registration allows the business to enforce the legal right to prevent your intellectual property and gives you authority to monitor your trademark regularly. If someone trying to create a confusing brand name or logo, you can stop unauthorized use of your brand name.

· Provide Financial Benefits

When an individual attaches to the registered brand, he/she never think to find a substitute for that brand. Trademark registration is a cost-effective process. Once you registered the mark, it gives lifetime benefits to a business.

· Authority to enforce Trademark rights

Registering the trademark gives surety to the brand owner that he/she has a chance to act against infringing. Trademark registration ensures that other organizations do not have access to create the same mark, otherwise they will be sued by the owner of a registered brand and have to pay fines to fulfill the damages.

· Trademark gives you the competitive edge

In the competitive edge, trademark helps to maintain the brand image in the mind of customers. When the visitors attach to your business, trademark assists to maintain the quality of products. It even helps to develop a competitive strategy to retain the position among competitors.

Take Away 

Trademark registration protects the intangible asset of an organization. It is one of the important tools that help to build brand recognition and it even stops the unauthorized use of your brand name.

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