Why are wood tables still so popular?

Despite the attributions of industrial revolution to the furniture making industry,  wood has been a staple for the longest time.  It’s almost impossible to spot a household without wood work. Undeniably,wooden furniture has stayed popular for generations, not only for domestic use but commercial as well. Not to say that people are not embracing  glass, plastic and aluminum as raw materials for their furniture, but most homeowners prefer sturdy wood gracing their households. Wood is timeless! Aesthetic properties aside, there’s a bunch of reasons why wood tables are not fad- here’s why. 

  1. Durability

When furnishing our homes, most of us go for resilience, wood tables are built to last for years to come. The strength and sturdiness of wood gives it an edge over materials like glass and plastic. Solid wooden tables especially hardwoods like oak and ash will cost you a pretty penny, but you’re guaranteed to get a good amount of years from it. Besides no one wants to hover around their kids every time they come around that glass coffee table-  wooden tables are a worthwhile family-friendly investment.

  1. Versatile

Contrary to what you’d think, wood comes in a vast range of tones and color. Your dinner table doesn’t have to be a cliché of dull brown, there is a variety of styles and shades to choose from. So, if you were thinking a wooden table would throw off the balance of your space then you haven’t explored all the tree textures and grains that could blend in seamlessly. Most people also prefer wood tables since they are modifiable, unlike most materials. You can always refurnish that old pine table with a fresh coat of paint, staining or sanding so you don’t have to throw it out when redecorating your home.

  1. Manageable

Another great beauty of owning a wood table is that you wouldn’t have to do much to keep it in shape. Wooden tables come with such an ease of maintenance so you wouldn’t have to constantly worry about spills and scratches- a splash of wood cleaner and microfiber cloth from time to time will do wonders. The undemanding nature of wooden tables is what makes it a popular choice in the commercial space especially diners, schools, offices and cafés.

  1. Value

Although wooden tables may require you to reach deeper into your pockets, it is always worth it in the long run. Wood is a valuable, naturally sourced material that requires tender care from the moment it’s harvested from that managed forest to transportation.  Admittedly, wooden furniture possesses that patina of age making it impossible to depreciate in value. If you are thoroughly debating whether or not to pay for a walnut table because it’s a little off your budget, consider the timeless longevity and natural elegance you’ll get to enjoy.

  1. Functional

A significant portion of wood table owners can swear by its functionality. With life demanding different from each one of us, Anne-quinn.com gives you the opportunity to carve out something that will work for you. Households that host dinner parties and gatherings will find industry manufactured tables impractical. Wood tables offer the liberty of designing your table in any desired shape and size  with just the right adjustments to suit your lifestyle.

  1. Unique

The biggest score with wooden tables is how they provide a personalized feel into any space. Wood has this rich natural hue that is alluring, aesthetic and impossible to achieve with a marble table. On the other hand, if you are looking to replicate a particular design that caught your eye or simply get a personalized table, wood guarantees you that advantage. With store furniture brands, tables are created and designed in bulk which means, upon distribution and purchase, at least 50 different households will have the same dining table as yours.

Even with the new crop of new and contemporary raw materials in the furniture manufacturing industry, wood will always remain predominant. There are many benefits that tip the scales over in favor of wood when it comes to furniture, especially tables. Most buyers are looking for something long-lasting and worth their dollars. Materials like marble and glass are arguably more aesthetically pleasing, however, no one would want  to spend their lives feeling like they are walking on eggshells with a fragile table. Better yet, there’s no better way to add a touch of nature into your living space than a wood table! 

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Last modified: May 4, 2021

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