Why Aluminium Windows Are Best for Home

Aluminium windows and doors are gaining popularity in homes and offices due to their immense benefits. Aluminium is a lightweight metal that is present in abundance on earth. Due to its presence in abundance, its cost is also less than other materials. Aluminium windows are a wonderful combination of both performance and aesthetics. 

Some other benefits include durability, low maintenance and energy efficiency. Let us explore all the benefits of aluminium windows, which makes them the best choice for any home. 


Aluminium is a highly durable metal and does not rust. The material is resistant to corrosion, and when used for doors and windows, it is coated with high-quality surface treatments. This makes them highly resistant to moisture and other environmental elements. 

Once you choose to install aluminium windows, you will be satisfied with their performance for years to come. They are not affected by weather elements and fires. So, you can expect them to last for over 30 years. 

Thermal Efficiency

Aluminium windows can improve heat loss and gain in a space up to 60 per cent by making use of a thermal break. The use of polyamide technology in aluminium windows has also improved their performance to new levels. The capability to improve thermal efficiency makes them perfect to use in your home. 

Cheaper than wood and other materials

Aluminium is cheaper than wood and many other materials used to make doors and windows. It is also cheaper than materials like uPVC that makes them an affordable and best option for homeowners. Also, they are easy to customize so that you can get unique window configurations. 

Moreover, it is not only the upfront cost that matters when you install windows in your home. Materials like timber require high maintenance that makes it more expensive than aluminium. On the other hand, aluminium requires less maintenance that is almost simple and hassle free. 

Easy to clean and Maintain

Cleaning the aluminium windows and frames is very simple. All you need is to use soapy water and a cloth to clean them. Take a soft cloth, dip it in the soap solution and wipe your windows. After that, you can use another cloth, dip it in water and wipe the window again to remove the soap. It’s that simple and easy to clean. You will not experience any problem using water on your windows as aluminium does not rust when it comes in contact with water. 

Enhanced Aesthetics

Aluminium windows come in many styles and colour shades that can improve the aesthetics of your home. They can be powder coated with any colour to get the required finish. You can look for a colour that matches the theme of your interiors. No matter what shape or form your doors and windows are, they can be changed to the most challenging specifications. Can be approved for high-strength, dual-colour finish. It allows for managing different internal and external faces with aluminium windows. 

Fire Safety

Aluminium is a durable and fireproof material. As it is a metal, it can heat up, but it does not catch fire. No matter if there is a fire breakout outside your home, aluminium doors and windows will not let the fire enter your home. Users can refer to the BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) rating to have an idea of your requirement related to the fire risk in your location. To guarantee the full BAL rating, the aluminium windows must be installed accurately by a professional with relevant experience. 

Eco Friendly

Aluminium is a reusable and recyclable material and does not harm the environment in any way. It is more environmentally friendly as compared to other materials like steel and uPVC. It has a low carbon footprint, and if you decide to replace your windows, you can recycle the existing windows into new objects. 

Aussie Aluminium Enterprise offers a wide range of aluminium doors and windows for residential and commercial properties in Australia. They have been offering high-quality aluminium products in Australia for over 20 years. If you are located in Australia, whether you want a bifold window or multiple opening window, you can get the best aluminium products for your home. There are different products like bi-fold doors/windows, sliding doors, shopfronts and office partitions. 

Final Words

The benefits of aluminium windows are many, but you can only experience them over the years. Installing them in your home is like a one-time investment that offers you returns in terms of durability and energy efficiency over the years to come. By installing them, you can improve the energy efficiency of your home and save money on energy bills. Knowing these advantages of aluminium windows, you can get them installed in your home to improve their safety and aesthetics. 

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