Why All Construction Sites Should Have Porta Potties

Construction is an incredibly important part of American industry, employing over 7 million people. A huge part of their productivity comes down to the on-site facilities, and porta potties are one of the most important facilities a site can have.

What’s so important about having the proper facilities to facilitate comfort breaks? In this guide, we’ll look at why every site needs to take advantage of porta potty rental.

Are you ready to learn more and start making your construction sites better? Then read on!

1. Improved Productivity

You want your employees to be able to be as productive as possible. If they keep having to wander off to different public restrooms, then they aren’t going to be spending as much time on-site. 

Having a porta potty on-site means that instead of them having to find a restroom elsewhere, they can use the porta potty and then get back to work. This means that the projects will get finished faster and you’ll be paying fewer wages per bathroom break.

2. Important for Sanitation

Running a healthy workplace is essential. If your site’s sanitation measures aren’t up to scratch, you run the risk of making your workers sick or causing a nuisance for local residents.

If someone can’t find a bathroom and they need to go, there’s a chance that they may relieve themselves out in the open, which poses a serious health risk.

Taking advantage of a porta potty rental like Plummer’s Disposal Services means that your site will have much better sanitation, which means there’s less chance of your employees getting sick. A healthy workplace is a happy workplace.

3. Improved Respect From Employees

No one wants to work for an employer who doesn’t take their needs seriously. The need to use the bathroom is one of the fundamental human needs. Think about the message that you’re sending your employees if you don’t give them somewhere to use the bathroom.

You’re saying that you don’t care about their needs at a base level.

Putting the proper facilities on-site means that your employees will feel more appreciated, which will pay dividends for you. It’s also a sign of professionalism to the client. Porta potties, in a very real way, show that you mean business.

4. Improved Safety

You can manage the safety of the site. What you can’t do is manage the safety of the surrounding area. Let’s say that someone needs to use the bathroom, so they wander off to use a different one, crossing a busy road in the process. 

This means that your employees are put at risk to facilitate their biological needs. If you have porta potties on-site, your workers don’t need to go anywhere else.

Porta Potties Bring Many Benefits

There are a lot of different benefits to porta potties for construction sites, as we’ve covered. They improve employee happiness, show respect for your workers, and ensure good sanitation. Make sure that you have them on your site!

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