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The owner of Dew Drop Design Studio, Miss Miheeka Bajaj, is going to tie a knot with the famous south Indian actor Mr Rana Daggubati. This news created a storm on the internet when Rana Daggubati shared pictures of the small ceremony of his engagement with Miheeka Bajaj. Born in Hyderabad, Miheeka Bajaj age is 29 years old as of now. This young businesswoman is famous because of her relationship with the actor Rana Daggubati, who has played the role of the main villain, in Bahubali 1 and 2. Miheeka Bajaj has a rich background, and there are so many interesting facts to know about her life. I am back with the super-duper story of a young entrepreneur. Let’s get deep into this.

Today, I am going to discuss here is Miheeka Bajaj age, her biography, Wikipedia, family, wiki, date of birth, net worth. I know you are keen to read more about her…!!! Scroll down.

Who is Miheeka Bajaj? Let’s give a quick look at Miheeka Bajaj biography.

Miheeka is an interior designer and owns an event management company in India. Miheeka Bajaj has several connections in Bollywood as well, and she attended Sonam Kapoor’s wedding on May 8, 2018. She also shares a picture of posing with her on Sonam’s wedding day on her Ig profile (https://www.instagram.com/p/Bye4pESl4Ud/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link). You can easily estimate that Miheeka is not a common girl, and she has a strong background. Let’s give a quick look at the Miheeka Bajaj biography below.

Name Miheeka Bajaj
Date of birth December 19, 1991
Age 29
Place of birth Hyderabad
Height Approx. 5ft. 6inch/1.68m
Weight Approx. 60kg/132lbs
Ethnicity Khatri
Relationship status Engaged
Profession Interior designer
Instagram @miheeka

Miheeka has a deep interest in antiques as she has grown up visiting various bustling, vibrant and stunning places in India. She starts her career with her job as an intern designer for one year in Mumbai. She also worked as a writer for some time, and in 2017, she started her own event management company named ‘Dew Drop Design Studio’. So, the above given summarizes her biography.

Do you have any idea about the Miheeka Bajaj age? How old is she?

Miheeka Bajaj was born on December 19, 1991, in Hyderabad to her parents. Currently, Miheeka Bajaj age is 29 years, and she will turn 30 by December 2021. She has completed her diploma in Interior designing from Prestigious college in Mumbai and has completed her masters from Chelsea Institute of Arts and Design in the United Kingdom.

She belongs to the Khatri ethnicity, and her mother, Mrs Bunty Bajaj, has a big name in the jewellery business industry. She also owns a famous jewellery brand named “Krsala”. There is not much more information available about her father as of now. Rest you can go through this YouTube video (https://youtu.be/Km3kF7rXXbw) to get some info about her age and lifestyle.

What do you think Wikipedia has to say about this personality? Let’s get through Miheeka Bajaj Wikipedia.

Currently, Wikipedia hasn’t displayed Miheeka’s profile on its website yet. But several websites have mentioned a lot about Miheeka Bajaj Wiki. Besides her basic information, Miheeka has become famous and has received loads of love from the public because of her marriage to South Indian star ‘Rana Daggubati’. She was in a long relationship with him and recently shared news of her wedding in August 2020. 

Miheeka’s favourite hobbies are cooking, reading books, writing occasionally, and the most interesting one, Miheeka is a food lover. Isn’t it interesting? So, I already shared most of the information above about her Wikipedia. Rest, we wait for Wikipedia to display the information about her wiki soon.

Do you know how many members are there in the Miheeka Bajaj family? Any guesses?

There are three members in the Miheeka Bajaj family, excluding her. Her mother (Bunty Bajaj), father (Suresh Bajaj) and her brother (Samarth Bajaj). Her family is a high-class family as her mother has a big name in the jewellery industry. Mr Suresh Bajaj is the founder of a jewellery brand named ‘Krsala’ along with his wife. 

Picture of Miheeka and her brother Samarth

Coming to Miheeka’s brother, Mr Samarth Bajaj married the sister (Sasha) of a famous fashion designer, Mr Kunal Rawal. So, this is all about her family.

Can you guess Miheeka Bajaj date of birth? Let me tell you.

Miheeka Bajaj date of birth is December 19, 1991. She was born into a high-class family in Hyderabad. Her passion of interest in designing has brought her the gift of success at a young age. 

If I talk about Miheeka’s physique, she is approx. 5ft 6inch tall and weighs around approx. 60kg. She has maintained her body to the size of 34-23-34. Wow, she is too fit. She looks too beautiful because of her black eyes and chocolaty complexion. Miheeka fans are waiting to wish on her birthday, and you can read I have already disclosed her date of birth to you.

How much is Miheeka Bajaj net worth? How much Miheeka has earned till now?

Miheeka Bajaj is living a luxurious lifestyle because of her hard work, and yes, because of her family’s net worth as well. Her earning source of income is from Interior designing and for your kind information, she is the owner of her event management company. According to some sources, Miheeka Bajaj net worth is around $20 million/153 crore. Wow…. that’s huge at this age. 

So now you have some idea about her status according to her net worth.


Miheeka’s hard work and willpower have shown that it not only needs a strong family background to be successful in life. But you will have to work harder on yourself as well for a better future. Miheeka got fame when she got engaged to Rana Daggubati but, she also has shown that she is not less than him. Rest, you can follow her Instagram account @miheeka (https://instagram.com/miheeka?utm_medium=copy_link) for regular updates about her. I will be back soon with more content like this. Stay tuned… stay connected.

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