Which sleeping position is healthy – back, abdomen or side?

When it comes to sleeping, we all have our favorite position. But did you know that it can have a significant impact on your health? We dare to take a look under the duvets and clarify which sleeping position is the best and optimally promotes your sleep.

Curious things from our past: Those who fell asleep lying down 700 years ago were either particularly rich or particularly courageous. The majority of the poor population in the Middle Ages actually slept in the sitting position! Due to the many fireplaces and the poor ventilation, people had problems with breathing. Lying down, it was easier to die from respiratory disease or smoke intoxication. Thus, until the early modern period, the belief that sleeping while lying down was fatal remained. Pretty crazy, right?

Today, fortunately, we are smarter. Instead of sitting on the straw bag, the modern man wriggles in the horizontal on soft spring mattresses. But not for every slumber, the body gives good posture marks. Whether side sleepers, back sleepers, left or right, which sleeping position is best for you depends above all on your health: For pregnant women different rules apply than for back damaged persons. If the body is optimal, this also improves the quality of sleep. Our overview shows whether your favorite position is good for you:

Sleeping on your back – the best sleeping position

All those who prefer to stretch out on their backs can rejoice: this sleeping position is considered particularly healthy among medical professionals. The spine is optimally supported, the body weight is evenly distributed – the best conditions for a healthy back.

And the so-called royal position also makes beautiful: facial wrinkles have no chance, because the head is just lying. Small drop of wormwood: Snorers should look for a different position. The tongue slips more easily backwards in the back position and narrows the airways.

With pillows you can additionally optimize this position and adapt it to your needs: Leave the pillow away in case of tension in the neck. Gravity works for you and stretches the upper back. Do you bow to a hollow cross? Then a cushion or other sleep device in the lumbar area can work true miracles.

Sleeping on your stomach – not a good idea

Are you one of the abdominal sleepers? Then you have to be strong now, because this sleeping position is rather unfavorable. The abdominal position works against the natural S-shape of the spine. Especially the lumbar spine is strained. Too high cushions also twist the neck and cause pain.

Get out of your feathers fresh in the morning? Difficult, because the abdominal position gives a rather crumpled, wrinkled facial expression. On the other hand, the abdominal position has an advantage: the breath flows more freely – good for snorers. If you want to continue sleeping on your stomach despite the disadvantages, we recommend a harder mattress and a flat, firm pillow.

Sleep on the side – better left than right

If the embryo position is your favorite position, you are in good company: that’s how most people do. This sleeping position is well suited for back pain, because it relieves the vertebral bodies. However, pain in the hip and shoulders can come from the side position. Attention: Do not cuddle too much, otherwise the spine suffers from the strong curvature.

Whether you sleep on the left or on the right makes a small but subtle difference to your health.

Right sleepers put more pressure on their heart and lungs. Heartburn is also more likely to occur on this side. Much more relaxed your body rests on the left side. Everything from blood circulation to breathing works a little better here.

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