What You Should Know Before Traveling on a Private Jet

The idea of traveling on a private jet is no longer something limited to just the rich. As commercial airlines continue to receive negative reviews from unhappy customers, private jet owners are trying to lure potential customers by lowering prices.

Moreover, the ongoing pandemic makes people reluctant to travel in larger groups, and a private charter sounds like a great alternative so long as the price is reasonable.

Having said that, finding and arranging a private jet flight for first-timers is not that simple, particularly if you live in a more isolated area. In such cases, it is recommended to rely on renowned companies like the aerospace union that can arrange the journey for you. 

At the same time, just because you have a ticket, it does not mean that you can rest easy just yet. No, you also need to consider some things before flying privately.

Arrive on Time

The first thing you want to do is arrive on time. Do not be tardy even though you are flying on a private jet and paying money for it. 

For one, you do not want to keep other passengers waiting because it will make the flight awkward. Moreover, some private jets also have a strict schedule to which they need to stick, so do not make things harder for them.

Be Aware of the Parking Protocol

Find out what the parking protocol is like. The odds are that a private jet is also in a private airport, meaning that you can usually drive right to the jet. On the other hand, if a private jet is waiting in a public airport, you will likely need to take a longer route.

Knowing the parking protocol is recommended because you will have an easier time planning your schedule. 

Avoid Packing Too Much

Flying on a private jet might make you feel like there are no luggage limitations. It might be the case when you are traveling alone or with another person. One or two passengers should not have luggage issues on a private plane so long as the amount of luggage they take is actually reasonable.

However, it is important to note that private aircraft could limit luggage simply because there are not that many compartments, not to mention potential weight restrictions. 

Ultimately, if you are traveling solo or have another passenger with you, luggage should not be that much of a concern. Simultaneously, if there is a group of passengers, make sure that you do not exceed the baggage limitations. Otherwise, there will be problems with the flight, or some of the passengers will need to leave their luggage at the airport.

Dress Yourself Properly

Another rule of traveling privately is that you should dress up properly. We do not mean a suit or formal attire, though these would be recommended for a business trip. Instead, think about the occasion and choose your outfit carefully.

For example, if it is a family vacation, shorts and flip-flops are not something that a private jet pilot would expect to see, despite the fact that it is just you and your family. And the need to dress up a bit more becomes higher when you have other passengers or are traveling as someone’s guest.

Respect Other Passengers

Speaking of other passengers, you want to be on your best behavior to ensure that the flight goes without any problems. From not acting obnoxiously with the crew and other passengers to asking for things politely, these things should be present while you are on a private jet.

Manners are expected when flying privately, and you should try your best to show that you are capable of following the required etiquette. 

Also, follow the safety rules, such as wearing your seatbelt before liftoff and landing. If you receive instructions from the crew, do not ignore them.

Make Specific Requests in Advance

One of the biggest perks of flying privately is that you can make certain requests. In other words, there is more flexibility.

For instance, if you have pets that you want to take with you, the odds are that a commercial airline would deny your request. On the other hand, a private charter is less likely to ignore your request. 

One thing to note about such requests is that you need to make them in advance. Do not leave it to the last minute because there is still a chance that your request will be denied.

Remember All the Necessary Documents

The last bit of advice is about bringing all the necessary documents before the flight. That includes the tickets and your ID or a passport to identify you as a passenger.

Also, it would be better to keep the documents after the flight in case something happens. You never know when you might need proof to support your case in court. Aviation accidents are rare, but they happen even on private charters.


All in all, this article should work as a great guide for your first trip on a private jet. You want the flight to go without any hiccups, right? If so, follow the pieces of advice provided, and you should have a good experience on your journey.

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