What You Need to Know About Getting Your Teeth Whitened

Wouldn’t it be great to have a set of bright and pearly teeth again? You can! It’s as simple as getting your teeth whitened. 

But that doesn’t mean you should run out and grab the first teeth whitening product you can find. There are all types of teeth whitening products and services available, and their results vary drastically. 

To help you get better acquainted with them, we’re going to review them in detail below. Keep reading to learn more!

Professional Teeth Whitening Is the Most Effective Option

The most effective form of teeth whitening is professional teeth whitening. This is performed in a dental office and involves the use of teeth whitening gel and heat lamps. The gel is applied to the teeth and then hardened with the help of the lamps. 

The results are long-lasting, usually up to a few months (provided you take care of your teeth after the procedure). The downside is the expense, which can run between $500 and $1,000 per session. 

If you’re interested, call up your local cosmetic dentist (like this dentist in Agoura Hills, CA). 

Teeth Whitening Trays Are a Good Investment for Those Who Whiten Regularly 

If you’re planning on whitening your teeth on a regular basis, you might consider investing in at-home teeth whitening trays. These are essentially mouthguards that form fit to your teeth and which can hold teeth whitening gel. They’re similar to what is used at dental offices during professional teeth whitening procedures. 

These offer all of the benefits of teeth whitening but aren’t quite as fast-acting as professional services. While they possess a fairly high up-front cost, the more they’re used, the greater investment they end up being over time. 

Teeth Whitening Strips Offer Good Value for the Money 

Another option is teeth whitening strips. These aren’t as effective as professional teeth whitening procedures but do offer decent results all the same. 

In addition, they’re quite a bit cheaper than professional teeth whitening services. Most cost somewhere between $25 and $50 per set, making them a decent option for those who don’t have the money for professional services. 

Teeth Whitening Toothpaste Is Only Effective When Used Regularly

You might come across teeth whitening toothpaste while in grocery stores and wonder if it really works. It does but only if it’s used on a regular basis. 

See, it’s nowhere near as effective as professional teeth whitening or teeth whitening trays or even teeth whitening strips. However, it can help to whiten surface-level staining. 

So, if you’re interested in maintaining white teeth, adding teeth whitening toothpaste to your arsenal is a good idea. 

Getting Your Teeth Whitened Can Do Wonders for Your Look and Self-Esteem

And there it is, everything you need to know about getting your teeth whitened. Teeth whitening can be beneficial for both your look and your self-esteem. So, give it some consideration and make use of a teeth whitening method that appeals to you. 

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