What will happen if you crash a rental car in Dubai?

No one likes to be involved in vehicle accidents anywhere in the world, especially in Dubai, because the traffic rules and regulations there are very strict and tough. You may be liable for a high amount if you get an accident and the vehicle got damaged.

So, in this article, I will try to target a collision of one or more cars in which no serious injuries are found, and you must call 999 for an ambulance to get the help. In case the accident occurs in Dubai, follow the steps outlined below.

Collision of the car with another vehicle

Whether you have hit someone or someone hurt you, all cars and vehicles must stop first hand at the secured place immediately and tie the area down. You should turn the hazard lights on and get out of the car when you think it will be a safe option. Check the involvement of all the people in and out of the car. If the accident happens due to the driver’s mistake, take the license plate number so that you can give it to the police on their arrival.

Alert the authorities

By dialing 999, inform the operator that unluckily the car has crashed and you need police help, and tell them the location where you are. If you need an ambulance for the injured person, you can do all the procedures. You should ensure that your driving license, Emirates ID, Car registration, and passport are ready. If you can take pictures of the crashed car in Dubai, be careful not to take pictures of the people sitting in the car. It might create a problem for you.

Keep yourself calm and follow the required instructions.

Even one person might be involved in a crash of a rental car in Dubai, and it might be you. You should keep yourself calm and not lose your temper, and do not blame another person and be involved in the argument. If the driver of the opposition party is yelling at you, you should remain quiet and tell them that the police will take the essential step. In front of the police, please do not indulge in the quarrel so that police should assess the mistake of the falter. However, in most cases, it is found that accidents happen due to the driver’s error. He will report the issue in Arabic as it is standard practice.

The police will issue the photocopies of the accident in different colors, the green form given to the innocent driver, the pink form issued to the driver on the mistake, white form to the party neither be accused nor if the accused is unknown. You should follow the instructions issued by the police, and it will vary depending on the conditions and situations.

After the issuance of the police report

After the report to the police, you must call your insurance company or a rental car company and inform them about the event. Intimate to them that you have made the police report to collect the car from the location. The car hire company or insurance company will suggest what you should do with the police report, like to provide a photocopy of the report if you can or if in case you can’t do it take a picture with your mobile. If the damage is not too big, it will be okay to stay away from the scene. If the car has crashed completely, you are not allowed to take them away from the location.


So, we have discussed what happens if you rent a car Dubai. It will be better for you to follow the rules and regulations, follow the traffic rules, drive carefully, with these you can avoid the situation and will be able to escape from the horrible situations. Also, make sure to Check the insurance policy of your vehicle and follow it. In case of accidents you should contact the authorities in case of emergency.

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