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Rules are rules. They don’t discriminate on whether the golf course you frequent is private or public. What you wear in a golfing tournament from your golf hat to your shoes determines your flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness. You don’t assume that you will wear your fitting pair of jeans and a T-shirt because you are going to a public golfing course.

Here’s what to wear golfing.

A Collared Polo Shirt

Having a collared polo top (short or long sleeved) is a must when engaging in golfing. Be keen in your selection. The shirt should be made of microfiber, cotton or polyester blends. If you’ve watched golfers, you’ll realize that they are always smart. As such, you MUST ensure that the top is well tucked into your bottoms. For ladies, it is appropriate to wear a sleeveless golf shirt particularly in hot weather.

However, you need to ensure that the shirt isn’t il-fitting, the shirt will be considered as sloppy if:

  • It doesn’t cover three-quarters of to your elbows
  • You can’t see your elbow
  • Un-tucked

Ladies should be keen not to wear tube and tank tops, bathing suit tops, t-shirts and tops that don’t show cleavage

Bottoms Are Crucial

Your bottoms should either be a pair of shorts or slacks depending on your preferences. Ladies could use skirts. They must have belt loops. Never think about getting your soccer shorts or a drawstring for your golfing experience. Similarly, you need to ensure that your bottoms will allow your skin to breathe, do not wick away moisture and do not restrict your motion.

You’ll never go wrong by considering colors khaki, white or black. This is not a strict rule. However, you need to ensure that you are wearing a bold bottom if the top is neutral. Here’s the list of what not to wear for your bottoms:

  •  Pants with pleats and cuffs
  •  Denim, jeans, athletics pants, yoga pants and cargo shorts
  •  Too short or too long pants
  •  Too short or tight shorts for women

Outwear Factors

At times, the weather could get too cold. A crewneck sweater that keeps the collar in would be a great idea. Windbreakers, collared button-down shirts and light jackets could come in handy on a cool day.

Shoes Are Essential

The pair of shoes you wear to the golf course should be strictly golf shoes with sturdy rubber, plastic or with soft spikes. You may also wear sneakers with a stable grip if you haven’t acquired a pair of golfing shoes.

Be keen not to wear shoes with metallic spikes as they will tear up the course. Similarly, it paints a poor image to wear sandals, boots or street shoes while on the golf course.

Accessories Are Crucial

The nature of accessories you wear to the golfing course will determine your efficiency. Only wear golf socks that will keep your feet moisture free. Ensure that the color of the pair of socks match with the pants.

Wearing a cool cap, a straw hut or a visor could be a great idea particularly when it is sunny. Polarized sunglasses will protect you from UV exposures.  Get your golf gloves and simple jewelry to avoid calluses. Fit your pants with a belt and get a good sweatproof and waterproof watch.

These are a few simple aspects to think about when you go golfing.

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