What to Know About the Software Development Process

Do you have a great app idea you think you can make into a business? That’s great! However, you have a lot of work ahead of you if you want to bring your idea into the world.

If you’re planning to release new software, knowing about the software development process is essential. Keep reading to learn what to expect during software design.

Project Planning

Software developers can’t do anything without a plan. This is where the software development process begins.

You’ll need to involve everyone during this process. This includes stakeholders, project managers, developers, and designers. Sit down with everyone for a meeting to hash out what needs to happen.

If you skip this process, you’ll end up with a free-for-all where nobody knows what to do or the project’s purpose.

A plan typically contains:

  • Goals and objectives for the project
  • The timeline when design, coding, debugging, and testing should happen
  • The maximum budget you can allocate to the project
  • The outcome you expect from the project

Software Wireframes

The next step is to create the wireframe design. This is a mock-up of the software you plan to release.

Wireframes are pictures that represent how something will look in your program. You’ll use these mockups as a basis for constructing the actual software, and it’ll help you develop your vision of the project.

Software designers use them to understand what they want in their program. They’re also used as marketing tools and verify product functionality with stakeholders.

Software Development

The next step is to start coding your program. Your developers will take your wireframes and convert them into working software.

The development process is usually the longest part of the software development process. Your development team will need to write a lot of code, set up IT infrastructure, and try to release your software with as few bugs as possible.

Learn more here about the development process and what it entails.


After your developers finish up their programming, there’s one last step to the software implementation process: software testing.

Software testers will use a variety of tools and techniques to try to break your program. They’ll want to see what happens when users input invalid data and click on the wrong buttons.

Developers must fix any bugs and add more functionality based on tester feedback. This step usually goes on until the software is ready for launch.

Launch Day

Once you finish the testing phase, your software is now ready for release!

Once it’s launched, developers will monitor user feedback and rely on new data every day. The data from the software will help them decide if more changes need to be made or if they should move on to plan the next project.

Keep in mind, though, that you’ll likely encounter bugs after release day. Even the best developers create bugs at times, so you’ll need to resolve these problems as they arise.

The Software Development Process Takes Time

It isn’t wise to believe that having a great idea is the only thing you need to start a new business. The software development process takes time and isn’t always successful. Make sure you do your due diligence, so you maximize your chances of success.

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