What to Do after Landing in Las Vegas for the First Time?

There are probably very few cities across the world where one can do numerous unique and exciting things that they haven’t done before. No doubt that Las Vegas is one among them. If you are travelling to Las Vegas soon for the first time, give this article a thorough read to know what you can do there. This stunning city offers much more to tourists other than casinos, gambling, drugs and alcohol.

Here, you will discover the top tips about things to do in Las Vegas to make your trip or mid-week vacation a success. Over the past few years, Las Vegas, also known as ‘The Entertainment Capital of the World,’ has undergone a massive change. You will certainly cherish the nightlife in this incredible major resort city for many years. So, without further ado, let’s check out what you can do in Las Vegas.

Swimming with Sharks

Sounds scary? If you like regarding yourself as an adrenaline junkie, here’s your opportunity to make sharks your swimming partner. There’s a special sort of swimming pool in Old Downtown Vegas where you get the chance to swim among big sharks. You get access to this pool no matter you book a room at the Golden Nugget Las Vegas Hotel. It will be a one-of-a-kind experience for sure.

Flying over Fremont St

Seize this great opportunity of flying over Fremont Street to experience the vibrant nightlife. The fun and enjoyment will be doubled while you fly over the place known for its hustle and bustle aspect. The SlotZilla Zip line is one of Las Vegas’s major attraction points. You need to visit Downtown to enjoy it. You get the option to sit while flying over or lay down completely. Find out more about top Las Vegas attractions. 

Enjoying the Spectacular View of the Strip

To witness the impressive view of the Strip after the sunset when the city lights up, you should head to the Skyfall Lounge. It is situated on Delano Hotel’s topmost floor. This place offers locals and tourists the chance to view the matchless beauty of the Strip better than anywhere else in Vegas. You need not spend any money to get access to the terrace through the bar. But, you need to follow a dress code.

Painting while Sipping on to Wine

Numerous restaurants, bars, clubs and pubs are there in Las Vegas, where you can savor multiple types of food items and drinks. However, if you relish having wine and are fond of painting, there’s a great place that this mesmerizing city has in store for people like you.

Every moment that you will spend in Las Vegas will become some of your best memories. But to make one particular evening in this splendid city more memorable, you need to visit this place where you can paint a canvas while tasting wine. Here’s some helpful information regarding Las Vegas food and drink.

Final Words

No other place in the world can match the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas, especially at night. So, besides partying and gambling, do not forget to do the aforementioned things to make the most of your trip.

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Last modified: September 3, 2021

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