What to Consider When Moving to the West Coast

Are you thinking about relocating to the western part of the country? Whether you’re moving to Oregon, moving to Washington, or moving to another state, there can be parts of a move that you never thought to consider.

It’s hard to think of everything, especially when moving is such a big project to start with. That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate list of considerations if you’re moving to the West Coast. Here are our top factors to think about.

Housing Costs

If you’re moving out West for a job, you may be enthralled by the price tag on your salary. However, it’s important to remember that living on the West Coast costs a lot more. Depending on the city or state you’re going to, you may have to pay over three times as much for a home that has exactly the same square footage and features as the one you live in now.

While the cost of living is higher, it makes sense because there are more people trying to find homes in a smaller area. The real estate market is booming right now, too, which makes homes hard to find and hard to win when you make an offer.

Mild Weather: Moving to the West Coast

You’ll find the weather isn’t as volatile out West as it is in other parts of the country. You’ll have milder winters, and while the summers may be hot, they’re usually dryer, which means it can still be very cool at night.

You probably won’t miss the humidity, but your garden might. If you like to grow things, be sure to take a look at the plants that are native to the area and what zone you’ll be in.

Transitioning Vehicles

Driving is different in another state. There may be laws you don’t know about or emissions requirements that are different. In the West, their environmental priorities may be higher than where you’re from.

You may also have vehicle registration requirements and drivers license differences. Some states call it an operator license instead, which can throw off car rental companies and other businesses. Here’s what to know about your vehicle if you’re moving to California.

Hidden Culture

One thing that’s hard to research when you move to the West Coast is the cultural differences. While it’s the same country, it can be very different, especially if you’re moving to a bigger city than you’re used to.

People’s priorities are different, and it changes the way they interact with others. Standard politeness where you’re from might look different in a new place. Politics and religion might also be very different, and those are hard topics to investigate without offending someone.

Finding a New Home

No matter why you’re moving to the West Coast, it’s good to consider factors like those above. The hidden culture shift and the higher cost of living are only a couple of the considerations you’ll have to make when planning a move.

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