What Kind of Different Materials Designed to Create Exterior Shutters

You can enhance a house’s beauty and safety with several ideas. One of the ideas that you can use for either one – beauty or safety – is exterior shutters. Exterior shutters come in different designs and with other materials depending on what you like.

If you install shutters, you will first need to know a few things about the materials. Different material designs can create exterior shutters. Below are some of the material ideas creators use to create exterior shutters.

Raised Panel

The first material design that you can find for shutters has got to be the raised panels. The raised panel shutters look more or less like a kitchen cabinet. The only distinction they have is they have a single or double raised panel.

When you think of exterior house shutters for windows, you want something that will match your design. The raised panel does well for you; it can match up with any house design. You don’t have to worry much about how your house will look when you opt for this panel.

The shutters, being low profile, will also make it easy to fit in almost any building, not only your home alone. You can also use it in your commercial buildings too. They not only serve the purpose you install them for, but they can also improve the look of the building.

Boards and Batten

The most common type of shutters that you can find out there are the BnB. These shutters have been in existence for years, and the style doesn’t look like ending soon. It is a people’s favorite as you can have several designs with it.

You can easily create exterior wooden shutters material like these Boards and Batten at home. This is another reason why they are pretty popular. If you love to create things at home, you can make your own BnB quite easily.

You will need to have all the material needed and the right tools. If you don’t know how to go about it, you will need online tutorials. Just a few videos, and if you strictly follow instructions, you will have your BnB shutters ready for your home.

The design you create should be something that will only enhance the appeal of your home. It would help if you also used paint that will complement the house for the shutters. If you are to buy them, you need to ensure the choice you make matches your theme.

Composite Shutters

The next type of shutters you can go for is composite shutters. These are shutters that are made of composite material and can be quite durable. These shutters look more or less like the board, and batten shutters from the outside look – they are a bit different, though.

The composite shutters are heavier than the wood ones as the material used here is quite dense. Several people look at the heaviness as a drawback, but it all depends on your specific needs. You can opt for this type of shutter depending on what you need.

If you look at the heaviness of the shutters, you will need to install additional hinges for these. If you are making it on your own, you may see that as an added expense. It would be best if you also remembered that the backs of these shutters have no details.

These shutters are pretty helpful for storm protection which is one of the main issues why you are getting shutters in the first place. They are also an excellent idea for your privacy as they don’t allow peeps inside the house. The appearance of the shutters is suboptimal due to the rotating panel.

Aluminum Shutters

It’s not all about wood and composite material when it comes to exterior house shutters for windows. There’s also aluminum which is an excellent material to create exceptional shutters. Most of the shutters in this mold are louvered shutters.

These are the types of the shutter are the ones you can install anywhere. You can use these shutters for your home, and you can also use them in your business. The good thing about these shutters is you don’t even have to open them.

Once they are on, they will keep you safe from storms and also safeguard your privacy. All that, and you don’t even have to rush to close them when the storm starts. They are also stable enough to handle all sorts of storms and keep your property on the inside safe.

The drawback is that if you don’t have any metal work training, you can’t create them independently. In most cases, they are also quite expensive to get these shutters as they’re pretty durable than most shutters. The material is used to last longer and can’t easily be weather-beat.

Vinyl Shutters

If you are looking at an even more stable and permanent shutter, vinyl shutters are the best idea. The manufacturing of these shutters incorporates around four sides and a front, and the material used is quite heavy. Imagine a 1/8 thick vinyl – this makes the whole thing a shell.

It gets its rigidity from the attachment made to the structure. The wall of the building is the one that decides the rigidity of this shutter. All these make the shutter unstable for independent use and an improbable option for operable hardware.

Once you have the shutter installed in a stationary position on the building, that’s about it. And it can last for quite a long time without needing any critical checkups. So long as they are well-maintained, they will last their entire lifespan.


When you are looking at exterior shutter design, there are several materials that you can use. Some are pretty heavy and can last quite a long time, others though, not as much. It would also help to look at how the shutter will blend with the house before settling for it. It should have a shutter that makes the exterior of the house pop, as it isn’t all about safety alone.

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