What is VPN on mobiles?

4 questions and answers about remote access

VPN is the English acronym for “Virtual Private Network”. As the name implies, it is a mechanism by which communication that has limited access between mobile phones, computers and other devices can be delineated, simply by using the necessary credentials. It is also a way of connecting different devices together over the internet, improving the security of the data which is encrypted, and making it difficult for third parties to intercept it.

One of the potential uses of a VPN service is the remote access to corporate networks, which is widely used nowadays for “home office” systems. This is an economical alternative, as connecting all devices via cables can be much more expensive. In this article, we have prepared four questions and answers about how android VPN and iOS VPN work. Check them out!

1. How does VPN work on mobiles?

One of the benefits of using android VPN and iOS VPN is to ensure the security of your data, for example, when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks, which can expose your phone to hackers and malware.  With a VPN service your searches, downloads and uploads can be done with more privacy.

Additionally, depending on the region or the country you are in, some content may be blocked for geo-restriction reasons. However, users can turn to the private network (VPN) to access content from their own country.

2. How to use VPN on a mobile phone

To use android VPN, the user must click on the gear icon, which is located on the notification bar. Under “Settings”, tap the “More” option. Search for “VPN” and tap “Add VPN Profile”. The user must fill in the requested data, which is obtained from the provider of access to the network in question.

To use iOS VPN, the configuration is done in “Settings”. In “General” search for “VPN” and then tap “Add VPN configuration”. Select the protocol type, fill in the requested data and complete the operation.

3. VPN, Remote Access and Alternatives

VPN is a widely used alternative for remote access during office work at home. A VPN service allows the user to connect to the corporate network and access restricted platforms for employees. It also facilitates sharing data between two devices, and gives you the option to participate in presentations, always over secured password-protected connections.

4. Connection Speed

One of the doubts that arise has to do with the connection speed. After all, if the network is encrypted and it still runs through other servers, the speed will not be the same as if it was a direct connection, without deviations.

Each service has its own speed, because it depends on its structure. In other words, the speed depends on the chosen server and the number of people accessing that server at the same time.

In general, however, we can say that speeds are not an issue when using a VPN service. The speed reduction is small and does not affect the quality of the connection.


If you often use public networks and open Wi-Fi, and you like to watch content from other countries that are limited by region, or you just don’t want others to track everything you do on the internet, installing a VPN service on your smartphone is definitely a good decision regarding your safety.

After all, the protection of your data online is becoming an increasingly important necessity.

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