What is the Significance of Gold Haram Necklace in India

A Gold Haram Necklace is one of the most loved and cherished jewellery items in India. Women in India loved to adorn themselves with different designs of gold haram necklaces for different occasions. This is particularly true in the regions of South India where traditional values portrayed by these necklaces are extremely valuable to people.

Haram necklaces mostly come in traditional styles, but modern craftsmen have started to develop new designs without letting go of the traditional touch.

Gold Haram Designs with Religious Value

The gold haram is also used in religious ceremonies. And for this reason, there are a lot of new designs carved with religious icons of gods and goddesses. But it has also been noticed that some people prefer to wear these religious harams as wedding jewellery as well. The designs are also very elaborate and with antique looks.

Women prefer to adorn themselves with colourful necklaces which are embellished with different gemstones as well as enamel colours. The gemstones also have astrological significance with each gem having different benefits. For example, Emerald is believed to provide prosperity for growth and betterment of oneself and Ruby is believed to be a sign of creativity and removal of fear and depression.

The Modern and Trendy Fashion

Jewellers all around the world, particularly in India have been updating the new designs with the latest trends to go with fashion. But the hint of Indian traditions has not been forgotten in them. These jewellery items have the fashion symbol of modern style as well as the grace of Indian culture in them, like the gold haram designs on JewelFlix.

You can find hundreds of different styles of gold haram necklaces online, each designed to cater for specific occasions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, valentine gifts, and everyday wear.

Different Designs of Gold Haram in India

India, being a country of various cultures with each one having its own values, beliefs and ethnicities, there have been many variations in the jewellery designs as well. Some of the most popular gold haram designs in India are: 

  • Simple Gold Haram Designs
  • Antique Gold Haram Designs
  • Traditional Haram Designs
  • Bridal Gold Haram Sets
  • Gold Step Haram Designs with Weight
  • Gold Lakshmi Haram Designs
  • Gold Mini Haram Designs
  • Latest Gold Muthyala Haram Designs
  • Bombay Design Gold Haram
  • Gold White Stone Long Haram Designs
  • Kerala Design Gold Haram

The gold haram designs in 2021 have been specially crafted to keep the cultural value as well as modern style embedded in each of the jewellery items.

Looking For a Perfect Gold Jewellery Haram Design?

Based on the choice of a person, his/her marital status, height, skin tone, and neck style, you can have many choices of haram designs that can suit you perfectly.

For example, princess length haram will stay and show up on your collarbone, choker length will be close to the neck and opera lengthy gold necklace will stay on your dress/blouse. This way you have to be careful in choosing the most suitable style for you.

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