What is the Netflix Mod APK? – Real or Scam?

In the past few years, the medium of entertainment has changed a lot. Olden days people used to spend their time on televisions or in theatres but now there are a lot of OTT platforms one of them is Netflix you must have heard about this app. It is very popular for its fresh content, for the access of this app you need to buy a subscription, but what if We say that you can get it for free, sounds good huh! There are a lot of modified app stores which you can get from Google. If you really want to use Netflix with genuine access then you should try these free Netflix account. However, at itechhacks, you will get all latest information’s related to tech and IoTs.

What is MOD APK?

Mod APK is the cracked version of any official app from which you can access all the premium services for free. Yet It is a modified and illegal app that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, it actually works you can see all of your favourite web series, movies, and other favorite content. But the question is that it is safe or not?

Using Mod APK is safe or not?

The modified app can be enjoying and you may get the moments of joy you wished but the bitter truth is that these apps are not safe anyway. Any developer won’t make any modified app because modified apps can cause a huge loss to real and legal applications. Hackers do crack the application so that they can steal the details and personal information from the user of modified APK.

Consequences of Using a Mod APK

Modified applications are specially created to steal the user’s data so that the hackers can sell it to the companies to earn money. Now it’s up to you that what kind of data you are carrying with you on your cellphone because from the very first day when you had downloaded any modified application you had provided your phone’s access to someone else.

This kind of applications have the total excess of your phone even they can download any sort of application without your permission, your media, messages, call recordings, bank account details, etc. nothing is safe even these apps can use your cameras for clicking pictures just imagine how creepy this can be. Mod applications also consume extra data than usual applications do.

There are some trusted app stores from where you can download mod APKs but it’s really very hard to find out the sites which provide you the APKs which are not infected.


You can use the modified applications, they actually work very well and provide you all the features the same as official applications for free but you need to find out a trusted site to download modified APKs because it’s really very tough to find an uninfected APK. For safety purposes, you should read all the terms and conditions and also you need to pay attention that what kind of permissions you are providing your third party apps. But still, you should always use official apps if you are concerned about your privacy.

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