What is the meaning of HODL Bitcoin?

Know your memes first. First, HODL began as a forum for the word ‘keep’ and was so hilarious for the crypto-community that today “HODL” is the phrase used to refer to holding one’s cryptocurrency (instead of selling it). Bitcoin gave positive encouragement to investors in December 2017, as its prices increased rapidly and recorded smashed. Bitcoin aficionados made wild expectations of its price down the line throughout the hectic update in their prices. Their forecasts were gloomier three months later in 2018. For more information,  visit website

The cost of cryptocurrencies fell by more than two-thirds compared to the highest of December and by almost 47% off the year’s beginning. Since then, Bitcoin is well-known for its substantial price fluctuations—volatility that bitcoin investors expected, although this makes money no less anxious. If bitcoin were a company, it would be seriously concerned with its price fluctuation this year.

Bitcoin Comprehension

The system Bitcoin is a collection that runs Bitcoin Code and stores its blockchain. It can be metaphorically seen as a block collection. A set of transactions is included in each block. Because all blockchain computers have the same list of blocks and transactions and can observe that these blocks are filled with new bitcoin transactions transparently, nobody can trick the system.

No one can witness these transactions happening in real-time whether they run a Bitcoin “node” or don’t. A bad actor would have to work 51 percent of Bitcoin’s computer power to perform criminal conduct. As of June 2021, the numbers of Bitcoin have increased by about 10,000 nodes, making such an attempt rather unlikely. 2

However, if an attack would take place, bitcoin miners – the people who participate on Bitcoin’s computer network – would probably buckle into a new blockchain and make efforts to achieve the attack. The public key is used as the published address globally and to which other users can send bitcoin, compared to a banking account number.

The private key (like an ATM PIN) is intended as a secret guarded and used solely to permit bitcoin transfer. Bitcoin keys are not to be confused with a bitcoin wallet, a physical or digital tool that facilitates bitcoin trade and enables users to track coin ownership. The name ‘wallet’ is a bit deceptive because the decentralized character of bitcoin means that it is never actually saved in a wallet but a blockchain decentrally. Of course, price shifts in bitcoin led investors to reassess cryptocurrency opinions. This is a short overview of the Bitcoin bull and bear case. Do you have to HODL?

The Bitcoin Bear Case

Several factors weigh the price of bitcoin. For the beginning, a continual stream of hacks and scandals has assured that the currency’s reputation as a forum for illegal activities endures. The leading example in 2019 was the Japanese exchange Coincheck, at which point hackers produced bitcoin worth 500 million dollars. Bitcoin’s future (and the arrival of institutional cash in its ecosystem) should reduce volatility.

The pressures have increased by condemning Bitcoin at public forums, regulators, and economists worldwide. Their position makes governments reluctant to bring Bitcoin under legal protection. After its inception, online platforms have embraced Bitcoin, united Bitcoin Bears, and set limits or completely removed bitcoins from their ecosystems. Some of the prominent names that have curtailed cryptocurrency marketing and have blocked Bitcoin payments are Alphabet Inc’s subsidiaries, Google (GOOG), Facebook Inc. (FB), Twitter Inc. (TWTR), and Reddit.

There is also a low level of cynicism about even positive news. For example, the transaction cost of Bitcoin, which was regarded as a dissuasive price of mass acceptance, decreased. However, this decrease was accompanied by the comparable volume slide. Technological solutions include adopting the Lightning Network, and Divided Testimonials should serve as a cure for Bitcoin’s scaling issues as they accelerate the network. But they presently only process a small number of transactions, among other problems.

Bitcoin’s Bull Case

Bitcoin’s core bull thesis is based on patience. It points to the previous price behavior of cryptocurrencies as evidence that the price of bitcoin would increase again. Analyst Thomas Lee, chief of research at Fundstrat Global Advisors, advising on bitcoin holding, was among the most prominent proponents of this hypothesis. “In traditional equity investment, the timing of the market is usually discouraged. When an investor misses the 10 best days each year (for S&P 500), the annualised profit decreases from 9, 2 percent to 5, 4 percent (ex 10 best). In other words, the possibility of losing 10 greatest days is the case for purchasing and holding shares.” 1

He used the same approach and wrote that Bitcoin annual returns decreased to 25 percent per year if investors annually eliminate the ten highest days from the calculation. Indeed, Bitcoin returns are unfavorable according to Fundstrat statistics, except for the Top 10 Day Gains. Lee has a $20,000 mid-year price tag, while Bitcoin has a $25,000 end-of-year target.

Recent efforts by governments and regulatory organizations also show a future melting of cryptocurrency-related views. New ETFs also add further liquidity to the bitcoin ecosystem. Technical advances in the network also lead to a brighter future for bitcoin. The list of Lightning Network accepting nodes is growing. The implementation of SegWit technology started with large platforms like Coinbase. These procedures can help to prevent the problems that beset bitcoin as its price grew last year and also provide a more solid standard of support for future gains for believers in a future increase in bitcoin price.

Bottom Line

The bulls think that the price of Bitcoin is based on recent trends and will increase again. However, the bears refer to ever more bad feelings and controversies associated with the original cryptocurrency to build a case for bitcoin sales.

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Last modified: July 14, 2021


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