What is the difference between IBPS clerk and RRB Clerk?

Banking aspirants are always in the dilemma to choose between IBPS Clerk and RRB Clerk. Both the exam are reputed jobs in the banking sector. Thus, it becomes important to choose the opportunity as per the interest as well as with the career scope. FYI, IBPS RRB Clerk exam notification has already been released this year, however IBPS Clerk is yet to be released.

The Banking Personnel Selection Institute (IBPS) is an exercise agency for Rural Regional Banks and public sector banks. It is known as IBPS RRB Clerk in the clerical office of Rural Regional Banks and IBPS Clerk Recruitment for Public Sector Banks. 

IBPS CLERK is just such a popular post as IBPS PO. It provides you with as much work security as a PO. The question here is how much further you can choose among the two on the basis of an employee’s work profile. In the shape of two different job scenarios, the IBPS releases clerk vacancies not once but twice a year.

  • In trade organizations mentioned in the IBPS CLERK.
  • Office Assistant in RRBs – IBPS RRB CLERK.

An applicant should fill out every released application, thus giving them more possibilities to choose from. Now, when you talk of an employee, the question comes which one you ought to be in, and we will help you with that. Comparing the two tasks will make a superior decision-making notion and clarity.

Job Designation and Profile

It is one of the factors influencing the candidates’ decision to select a job. Suppose the RRB has picked a candidate while the employee’s designation is assigned when selected in scheduled banks. In that case, the candidate gets the post of office assistant. For both roles, the work profile remains the same. The main task is to deal with customers, update passbooks, and it is essentially a job at the front office.

  • You can just be known as a “clerk” if you get through the IBPS CLERK examination.
  • You might get an offer of an ‘office assistant’ if you pass through the IBPS ‘RRB’ CLERK.

A staff member is also commonly known as a single-window operator.

Recruitment examinations differ

The selection procedure test is one of the critical differences between IBPS Clerk and IBPS RRB Clerk recruitment. There is a further advantage in IBPS RRB exams for students who are not well versed or at ease in English since you can try your preliminary Examination in English, Hindi, and regional languages. There are only two prelim topics: reasoning and quantitative ability. 

The applicants for the IBPS RRB Main Exam can decide to try English or Hindi in the test. While candidates must try the English component of the IBPS Clerk recruitment exam, both pre-and main tests take place.

A PSB IBPS CLERK might take part in numerous other departmental responsibilities, given that its work gets dispersed over a variety of departments and areas. A clerk who gets a job opportunity in an urban branch can deal with numerous other than the actual jobs.

In an urban or most likely rural industry, IBPS RRB CLERK employs minimal job scope. A rural bank will mainly provide a specific type of customer base that is helpful for the rural community to provide such facilities or initiatives.


For regional rural banks, postings are preferable to PSBs since postings in the IBPS RRB are easy to select; however, for IBPS Clerk, the same choice is not available. The number of industries in PSBs is more significant, and so the odds are diminishing.

Through the procedures mentioned above, you can better pick which job to choose. For a candidate who wishes to pursue a career in a bank, both positions are fulfilling. If you are determined and hard-working, the banking sector can do much.

The posts are the same, and the work profiles are practically the same. A ‘company’ position is essentially a ‘front desk’ where an employee needs to engage with the customer. You both need to accomplish the same kind of activities. 

  • Passbook Updates
  • Acceptance of payments, entry/collection of data connected to the relevant charges for transactions.
  • Open any type of accounts as necessary.

Growth and Opportunities

A ‘clerk’ who works in a PSB/Commercial Bank urban setting may, without question, is given more opportunity than one who would work in an RRB. There are few scientific opportunities that a standard ‘skilled’ person working in a ‘Commercial Bank’ can find compared to someone working in a ‘Regional Rustic Bank.’ It doesn’t require much research to comprehend the working culture or working environment.

  • In normal circumstances, in every PSB / commercial bank, the employee may get the possibility, depending on the vacancies and present status of the banks, that promotes a level of officer 1 in 3 years or such. 
  • On the other hand, an RRB clerk does not have the opportunity to be promoted so readily and not before being a clerk for at least six years. An IBPS clerk has a chance to imbue himself more as the breadth of their work in these places is naturally vast, and there is a lot to learn about the urban setting. Instead, an RRB clerk is generally in a rural setting.
  • Compared to an RRB, ‘exposure’ in a PSB is higher.
  • However, in an RRB, the pressure may be lower than a PSB.

What is the better option to choose?

There can be no better judgment or declaration of two jobs than the other ones. Every work has its perks and downsides, challenges, and rewards. Some may suit, and others may find opportunities in this particular field of work. One may fit others. You need to examine your skill and ability to exert pressure independently and judge yourself according to your own goals and ambitions.

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