What is the Best Way of Investing in Cambodia Real Estate?

Owning straw titles has proven to be one of the best ways to Invest in Cambodia, including owning condominium units in street titles and being approved by the government. It’s easy and comes with huge profit returns.

Invest in Condominiums

Well, invest in a condominium. While Cambodian law prohibits foreign ownership of land, investment in condominiums is approved by the government and is legal.

Investment in Cambodia has also improved recently and comes with huge return on investment for investors, the law allows foreigners to own 70% of condominiums and foreigners to own the ground floor. With 70% off, you can improve your profits.

Invest in Choice Cities

The goal of every business is profit, profit is the basic language of every business so invest in selected places in Cambodia if you are out to make a profit from your investment.

Tourist destinations such as Siem Reap, Sihanoukville, Kampot and Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, are areas that attract millions of tourists from all over the world, and having a condominium in these cities at all times will give you a chance to return. Your investment, far more than when your property investment is located in other parts of Cambodia.

Go With Trusted Investors

This point is very important and should be considered before buying properties in Cambodia, as the country is developing rapidly. It is best to invest using a developer who has a reasonable amount of experience in the real industry of the country.

It comes with experimental benefits, one of which is; protecting your investment, choosing a reliable and trustworthy developer for your property gives you a chance to sleep, because your investment is safe. In a rapidly developing country, it is possible to lose your investment if you do not go with a reputable and reputable state agency that is there to protect your corporate name and image.

Have Security in Mind

This is another important point to consider before buying a property in Cambodia. It is important that you have security as one of the things you see, make sure you have well-built gates before you buy properties and Security comes as an advantage as your property can be easily attacked and destroyed when exposed by criminals and robbers. So make sure you have protection as one of your priorities.

Consider the Returns on Investment

Real estate investments come with 5-7% gross return, which is more than achievable in most places, making Cambodia a preferred destination for real estate investment. So you have to consider this return, if it meets your expectations then Cambodia is the best place to invest. But if that doesn’t suit you, then you have to relocate your investment.

How to own real estate properties in Cambodia as a Foreigner?

Here are four ways a foreigner can Invest in Cambodia:

Through a Cambodia Company

Although the law prohibits foreigners from owning land in Cambodia, it is permissible for a company to own land and a foreigner can easily set up a company for the purpose of ownership and investment in Cambodia’s real estate sector.

However, the law comes with restrictions, a foreigner is not allowed to own more than 49% of the company’s shares, meaning you have to form a company with Cambodian nationals. The risk associated with this type of Investment in Cambodia is that, if the citizens assigned to you to set up the company are not trustworthy because they own 51 shares, you lose money and investment.

Through Leasehold

Leasehold is one of the ways in which a foreigner can invest in Real Estate in Cambodia, through which a foreigner can enter into a lease agreement with a Cambodian citizen and become the owner of the term. The leasing period is 15 to 50 years, maximum 50 years for individual landowners and 40 years if leased by the government. However, due diligence is essential for the buyer, if the lease is from an individual, a search should be made to determine the title of the land and property to avoid fraud.


A foreigner can easily decide to stay in Cambodia for seven years and be eligible to become a citizen of the country, which comes with the right to own property and land in Cambodia. Qualification is subject to the approval of the President, as the foreigner has to prove his expertise in yeast. Similarly, anyone can become a Cambodian citizen by donating to the country or Cambodia Investment.

Through a nominee of Cambodia

This system forces you to acquire land and property through a Cambodian citizen, while this system may seem simple, it is the easiest way to get money out of your hands. Because the nominee can decide to buy the property in his own name and you can’t do much about it, the reason is that this form of holding property has been abolished by the government.

Is Cambodia a Good Place to Invest?

Cambodia is known for its fast food, steamy forests and Sassy beaches. Many people who have travelled to Cambodia have found it to be a magical country with many attractions to explore, especially bumpy cities. But did you know that Cambodia is one of the fastest growing economies in all of Southeast Asia, with deep rental production and capital growth. This and much more makes Cambodia a favourite place to invest in real estate.

Buying a home or rental property in Cambodia is a lifelong investment. Studies show that anyone who buys a home in Cambodia experiences more emotional happiness than financial luxury. You believe that a higher return on investment is faster and hassle-free.

The best steps to follow to get results. In this article, we are providing the best setup to stay in good shape, assess the risks and take the initial steps to sustain your investment in the long run.

A foreigner cannot own land directly in Cambodia, so the basic solution is to go through the nominee. This set up comes with some risks, it is common to read in the press some attempts to go against the owners. Therefore, relying on the right lawyer for the contracts is important in the long run.

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