What Is Powder Coating – The Advantages And Disadvantages

Are you someone who wants to upbring your business and are looking for ways to bring out the best products? Protect your products and improve your manufacturing by Powder Coating them. If you are from Melbourne and are looking for the right agency to avail of this service, this article is for you. Before getting into the process of choosing the right company for availing powder coating services, you need to understand why you need this process done on your products and how it can benefit you. This process is famous for giving fruitful results for companies using them like, improvement in efficiencies, maximisation in production, and cutting costs.

This article will take you through all the necessary information you need to know about powder coating, the advantages, and disadvantages that come with it. So that you are well aware of it and will understand how impactful it will be using this process for your products and what kind of substrates can be used with it. Read further to make choosing the right agency easier and more efficient for you. 

What Is The Powder Coating Process? 

The powder coating process is also known as the dry finishing process, used on products with finely crushed material that is a mixture of colour pigments and resin. These particles are extremely minute in size and are sprayed onto the needed surface. They are also generally electrostatically charged before spraying onto grounded parts. 

Before this process is done, the substrates used are treated with a specific liquid coating and this pretreating is a completely different process that takes place. The electrostatically charged particles help in durably fixing to the surface to give a smooth and finishing coating.

The two most common ways of the powder coating process are efficiently done by the electrostatic spray method and the fluidised bed method. You can always research more on both methods to have a better understanding. There are other technologies used to complete this process too but they are not so commonly used.  

Now that you are aware of what exactly this process is, let us look into its advantages and disadvantages to see how it can be beneficial for you. 

Advantages Of Powder Coating

This process is known for its advantages for company owners as they are known to yield better efficient products and improve their efficiencies. Let us look in detail what these advantages are:

  • This process helps the particles to be stocked together instantly, therefore it does not require a drying time. 
  • It is also one of the most durable, economical, and colour-lasting with impeccable quality in its finishing which can be done on various types of metals. 
  • The overspray used can be reused or retrieved up to 98%
  • There are no solvents from this process so that there will not be any volatile organic compounds, being environmentally responsible.
  • It is environmentally safer than other processes because the exhaust air that will be produced from the coating booth can be redirected to the coating room, and therefore in the process lesser oven air will be sent out outside into the surrounding from the exhaust.
  • Using this process also means that it can be easily adapted to other processes that are automatic and continuous. 
  • When using powder coating, there will be a definite dip in rejection rates as the coating does not run, drip, or sag. Once sprayed, it will be intact on the surface and act as a protective layer. 
  • This is also comparatively an easy process compared to others; you do not have to give in a lot of supervision and operator training and you shall have an efficient outcome.
  • You will also be grated high output or throughput options by choosing this process for your products. 
  • It is easily attainable to have a thick coating for your products, may it vary from different kinds. 
  • Maintenance and cleanup come easily with this process. There is not a lot of labour or time that goes into the maintenance process which is definitely a big plus. 
  • It is non-toxic and less flammable compared to wet spray paint finishes, while it provides a protective layer that keeps your products away from rust, scratches, or other damages. 

Disadvantages Of Powder Coating

Not sure if you can really call them disadvantages, they are more like a few drawbacks or some specific things you need to be careful about if you are choosing this process:

  • This process does require set-up costs because for the work to be easily and efficiently done there is machinery involved. 
  • You should also be aware that these powders used in the process cannot be mixed together to bring out different colours. Understand the available colours and choose prior. When it comes to liquid coatings, colour matching, and colour uniformity may also be difficult to obtain.
  • This may happen in a few cases that the uniformity cannot be obtained when it comes to the thickness of the coating. In the same way, extremely thin coatings are also difficult to obtain because of pinholes. It is also a little tricky to do powder coating on sharp corners. 
  • The storage and handling of the powder need to be done with extreme sensitivity, and it requires special climate controls. This can be a task, but of course, you will be having fruitful results later. 
  • If you wish to change the colour of the process frequently, this may make way for extensive downtime. Also, if you wish to convert the liquid coating, that can be more expensive than normal. 

As mentioned above, you have detailed information about everything you need to know and understand about the process and how it may be able to benefit you. Now, if your worry is about finding a reliable agency through which you can get this process easily done, we are recommending you. If you are looking for an efficient company with great ethics using updated technology, then you should check out the Doogood Powder Coating company which is having a great response from customers. Assure yourself of an easy process with a great outcome from Melbourne’s surface coating specialists. 

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Last modified: May 10, 2021

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