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What is Magento? Learn about what it is and how it can help your business

Magento is a boxed site management system written in PHP and using relational databases. Magento is used as a platform for developing online stores. There is a paid version with support from the manufacturer and a free Open Source edition, developed by the community. Magento is owned by eBay.

In 2007, it was developed by the well-known in professional and user circles Varien. Since then, according to statistics, more than 100 thousand sites have emerged on the Web that feel great on Magento. At their service – a couple of thousand extensions. 

The direct purpose of this platform is to make online sales as easy and accessible as possible. Nowadays, almost every second CMS works in this direction. But Magento stands out among the others and it is on it that you need to pay attention first.

Key features

Powerful – means strong and well-coordinated. The system does have a pretty solid construction – it is well written and has almost no bugs.

The engine is popular. According to the latest information, approximately 5% of stores are created on the platform. CMS is the fourth most popular today. It was it who was chosen by many of the largest enterprises with a population of over one million. What can only be called Nordstrom, Adidas and North Face. Magento easily withstands up to 500 million views, up to half a million orders daily.

Those who use this CMS are attracted by convenient administration: several resources are made on one platform under a single management. Over the years of practice, the directories have been already perfectly debugged. Now you can compare products, add different promotions, give certificates, sort purchases based on your considerations. Those planning to master Magento should take into account the thoughtful SEO potential. If necessary and the presence of appropriate talents and skills, you can manage the code, put meta tags, endings for goods in the URL. We have some ready developers here 

There is the possibility of converting money from different countries, a feedback system with buyers who can evaluate products and make reviews about them. The admin panel is very multifunctional, which makes it very difficult to work with it. The interface is exclusively English, which is not very convenient for those who do not speak English.

Magento is the perfect solution for doing online commerce

The convenient structure of the platform makes it possible to easily edit data, manage several sites in different languages. Now it has become possible to completely control the appearance, content and functionality of your brainchild.

The system provides unique freedom in business development. Users can start with the basic functionality, followed by the transition to improved options.

Since its inception, the platform has been guided by the motto “Designed to grow, built for flexibility”. And adheres to it to this day.

The system is flexible, which allows you to use different kinds of extensions or modules. If a special project is required, then with the help of the magento ecommerce development company, you can make a unique module for all requirements.

Among the main advantages of Magento are:

  • modern caching for the fastest loading;
  • improved indexing function;
  • support for multiple payment systems;
  • the ability to make rather big purchases;
  • multisite;
  • universal templates suitable for mobile devices.

Several major disadvantages:

  • difficult installation scheme, especially for beginners;
  • the need for improvements if you want to have a truly individual and unique site;
  • the need for quality hosting;
  • there are not enough add-ons and extensions.

Magento is the best online shopping solution for today. It is in demand by most of the world’s brands; ideal for both small and medium-sized businesses.

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Last modified: September 21, 2021

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