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Digital signage is an electronic sign. People, companies and retail outlets use them to convey information. Typically, an LCD or LED screen is used, though it is possible to achieve similar results with a projector and a blank canvas. With the use of videos, images, and graphics, sign owners may create elaborate or very simple presentations. They may come out as simple as a PowerPoint presentation or as sophisticated as a made-for-TV movie. Check out this digital signage blog for tips on things like making your own digital signage presentations.

What Does Digital Signage Include?

You need the device, you need to set it up, and you need some sort of software in order to play your presentations. There is also the issue of sound, but remember that digital signage doesn’t need sound, you can communicate your message without sound if needed. 

  • Buying – You need to find a place that sells what you need
  • Hardware – The digital TVs or projectors
  • Installation – You may need somebody to install your system if it is big or complex
  • Software – The program you use to control content
  • Connectivity – The devices need to be connected to whatever controls them
  • Content – You will need to come up with some content
  • Maintenance – They may occasionally need caring for

Using Digital Signage to Inform or Sell

Though digital signs have a diverse range of functions, they all boil down to two primary purposes: to inform or to sell. Very few companies use digital signs just for decoration. This is because digital signs are versatile and can be used in a wide number of ways, ergo it would be a waste just to have them display content for aesthetic purposes only. 

You should consider your budget, and the effectiveness of your signs. You do not need big jumbo screens to make a point, nor do you need highly sophisticated marketing material in order to promote your brand. In fact, it is often better to start off small and fairly simply and learn over time what is effective and what is not. You may then build on what you learn and then maybe increase your usage of digital signs.

Do You Need a Movie Director?

Let’s say you are making a piece of footage featuring product selling points. In this case, it may be a good idea to have a professional create content for you since what people see on your digital signs will affect how they perceive your brand. However, if your digital signage informs people rather than selling to them, then there is a lot of flexibility in how you present your information. For example, you may have a series of numbers on a board, similar to what bookmakers use on racetracks, and said board may feature your current KPIs and how close your staff are to achieving them. On the other hand, you may use a simple bulletin board that updates every day depending on the type of information you wish to convey to staff (such as staff meeting times, holiday opening times and so forth). 

Digital Signs Can be Large or Small

Travel to New York, and you will see digital signs all over the place. Some of them are small, such as those advertising pawn shops, and some are massive that feature ads for upcoming movies. Digital signs are commonly seen in restaurants, on which they display which food options are available today. 

Shopping malls often have digital signs, especially if the mall has its own cinema and/or a large dining court. Many political campaigns and even viral campaigns have been known to use digital signs on everything from billboards in fields to screens strapped to the sides of vans and buses.

The hospitality industry uses digital signs quite a bit, from the hotel waiting rooms where you see videos about local points of interest, to digital signs in resorts that explain when the next party is, or where the nearest money changer is.

Cinema often uses digital signs, especially in the waiting areas of the cinema where people are able to see previews for the movies that are showing. The transport industry is also picking up on the trend, especially in places like Asia, and especially on bullet trains in Japan. Also, some universities use digital signs for a host of reasons, from directing people to their exams to reminding students about fire drills.

Are There Any Upcoming Advancements in Digital Signage?

Science fiction seems to be the biggest thought leader in this area. For example, movies like “Minority Report” where people see personalized ads based on their eye scan. Even today, this is becoming more of a reality since modern advertising is now so targeted that marketers can anticipate your needs before you know you have them. Plus, mobile phones are able to recognize faces and can tell if people are looking at the screen, so it shouldn’t be long before personalized digital signs are commonplace on the high street, in universities, and on public transport.

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