What Is an Escape Room Like?

As of 2019, there were over 2,300 escape rooms across the United States. Since then, they’ve only grown in popularity.

What is an escape room like? Many people want to try an escape room, but they’re not sure what to expect or if it’s for them. Escape rooms can be great fun, especially if you attempt an escape room with friends.

To learn more about escape rooms and what to expect, as well as other options for playing during the COVID-19 pandemic, read on.

What Is an Escape Room Like?

First off, let’s cover what an escape room is, and then we’ll go over some details of what you can expect.

When you sign up for an escape room, you’re usually in a group with other players. Many people like to try escape rooms with their friends or family, but you can also solo some escape rooms.

Your group is locked in a room together. The goal is to work together to find clues and solve puzzles to escape before a timer goes off and you run out of time. Escape rooms usually (but not always) have themes, like solving a mystery, investigating a crime, or escaping a serial killer.

Let’s break down each point in detail.

How Many People Can Play?

As we mentioned, there are some solo escape rooms. However, most rooms are designed for teams of between 2-10 players.

Contact the company or check out their website to see their recommendations for how many people should play a room. Too many people might make the game feel crowded. It depends on the room, and the room’s size, which is why doing a little research beforehand and contacting the company can give you a better answer.

Keep in mind that escape rooms charge per person, and some rooms might be too difficult or too expensive to play solo.

How Much Do They Cost?

Adding onto the last point, most escape rooms will charge per person. How much it costs really depends on the type of room, the day of the week, the number of players, and whether you’re playing a private game or not.

In general, most escape room games cost between $25-30 per person. You can find the exact price on the company website, or call to ask them.

You’ll have to reserve a spot in advance, so remember this when choosing a room.

What Are the Themes?

For most people, one of the biggest draws of escape rooms is the different themes available.

As we mentioned above, some rooms don’t have a theme. These are basic “solve the puzzle” rooms that focus on the goal rather than ambiance.

You may also find rooms with themes like the following.

Investigating a Crime Scene

Have you ever wanted to become a real-life Sherlock Holmes? Now is your chance! Escape rooms with a crime scene theme involve the team turning into investigators and solving a crime or murder.

As the clock ticks on, you and your team have to put all the pieces and clues together. These might be witness testimonies, photographs, or so on.

Escape to Save Your Life

Some escape room games involve you and your group escaping from a bad situation. These themes typically revolve around scenarios such as the zombie apocalypse, trying to escape from a serial killer, and so on.

In addition to solving the puzzle, you may feel extra pressure and fear knowing your life is on the line (even though you know it’s only a game). It’s fun to pretend, knowing you’re perfectly safe.

People who like horror movies and scary games like to try these types of escape rooms.

Preventing a Crime

Some escape room games focus on the idea of you and your team trying to prevent a crime from happening.

Maybe you need to stop a plane from being hijacked, taking down a corrupt politician by collecting evidence, and so on. These types of escape rooms can make you and your friends feel like heroes doing a good job and making a difference.

These escape room games might have a specific list of evidence you need to collect before the timer runs out, or you may need to find a critical list of supplies to escape.

Other Themes

There are as many themes as there are escape rooms. Here are some other ones you might come across:

  • Find a cure for a virus
  • Defuse a bomb
  • Rescue hostages
  • Finding a missing person
  • Espionage missions
  • Supernatural themes

There’s an escape room for almost any situation, so choose one that looks like fun for you.

How Hard Are They?

If you’ve never been to an escape room before, you might be wondering whether they’re difficult or not. The short answer is that it depends.

Some escape rooms can be more challenging than others. Also, if you’re a beginner, you may find the puzzles a little tough. It also depends on how good at puzzles you and your friends are and everyone’s experience with a particular room.

There are many different rooms and themes out there, so if one seems too tricky, you can try your hand at another. You might also consider contacting the company to ask about good rooms for beginners. Many rooms are family-friendly, and older kids can join in on the fun.

Virtual Escape Rooms

In-person escape rooms aren’t your only option, either. Why not try your hand at a digital escape room?

With virtual escape rooms, you and your friends get together on a video call and work with one another to guide a Gamemaster through the puzzles.

Check out this Online Escape Room from Breakout Games and give it a try! It could be the perfect way to try an escape room for the first time.

Ready to Escape?

To sum it all up, what is an escape room like for a beginner? It depends on everything we mentioned above, but every escape room provides a different, exciting experience.

You’ll never know until you try it. If you think you’re up to the challenge, sign up for an escape room near you and test your skills!

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