What does it take to start a cosplay club

These days, if you play cosplay alone for a long time, you’ll want to play with more people who share the same interests, and that’s why there are more and more cosplay clubs. Because cosplay clubs are more influential than individual, and many cosplayers are thinking of joining a cosplay club. So, do you know what you need to do to start a cosplay club? If you’re interested, let’s find out!


Ensure that there is free time.

Make sure there is enough money. Consider charging a club fee to buy club cosmetics, print posters, materials, etc.

  1. Choose the person in charge:

The best way to pick a club president is to pick someone who is friendly and organized. Generally, a good cosplay club has two leaders: one for internal affairs and one for external affairs. Other departments, such as planning, prop making, costume making, photography, makeup, and logistics, can be determined after the club has grown.

The members of a cosplay club work together to draft a club handbook and follow the rules. Rules are important.. A club with rules will go far. Besides, obeying the rules is more important.

Props: Making cosplay props may not be as difficult as we think, especially the little ones. My advice to young cosplay clubs is to start with a few trinkets and choose to do it yourself. There is no limit to the materials available, and there are a variety of tutorials available on the Internet. It is difficult for us to make large cosplay props. We can choose multiple ways to buy props, but this will be more expensive. In addition, we can choose an experienced craft studio to help make cosplay props. Usually we need to pay for materials and handicraft fees, it will be cheaper.

Costumes: cosplay costumes are obtained in a similar way to props. We can choose to buy stock or make our own or get professional tailors to help make them. For cosplay clubs, costumes can be prepared by the members themselves or purchased by the club. Generally, it is cheaper for the club to purchase or customize.

Cosplay can not be separated from the makeup and styling.At the beginning of the club, we can be looking for experienced makeup artists, or we can look for hairdressers or studio makeup artists to help. After that, we can look for professional makeup artists to join the club or ask members to teach themselves some simple basic makeup.

There will not be too many members for a newly formed club. It is not difficult to find the role of each member.

  • Organize club activities:

For the cosplay community what is going to be better than participating in Comic-Con activities? It is a fun activity for members to attend Comic-Con together. In addition to that, we can also organize cosplay videos for our members to watch and enjoy the best cosplay works. If you are performing on stage, rehearse well. It’s a lot of work, but it’s relatively good and has a good impact on the development of the club. If the club intends to perform on stage, we need to rehearse well. It’s a lot of work, but it’s relatively good and has a good impact on the development of the club.

That’s pretty much it for the initial group. In the later stages, after you have gained fame, you can further refine the department and expand the recruitment of new members, preferably those who know a little cosplay knowledge. It is highly recommended that you do not recruit people on a whim. If you want to start a cosplay club, you can’t do it without enough money, members, and a venue, and when you have that, you can start your own club. By the way, if you want to make cosplay costumes for your club members, you should check out Crazecosplay. You’ll be satisfied with the quality and price of Crazecosplay’s products. Many like-minded people are waiting for you at Crazecosplay.

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