What Does It Mean to Be Antimicrobial? Definition and Examples

With the world facing the Covid-19 pandemic and worries about future outbreaks, mutations, and new viruses, people want to eliminate the chance of spreading it as much as possible. You’ve probably seen products advertised as antimicrobial, but what does that mean?

Does it mean it kills everything? Does it kill some things? Are there different definitions of antimicrobial based on the product?

We’ll examine these issues and explain to you what it means for you and the many products available. You want to keep your home and business safe by using antimicrobial products, so examine this guide and made an informed decision.

What Does Antimicrobial Mean?

The most common definition of antimicrobial is something that reduces or eliminates the growth of microbial organisms. What are microbial organisms? They include anything microscopic and living such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

The Environmental Protection Agency regulates antimicrobial products under pesticides. If the product mentions the EPA on the packaging, then it’s considered a pesticide and not to be used on your body. Instead, it could be used in fields, countertops, etc.

Where it is best used depends on what the product is and where it’s meant to be used. Only used antimicrobial products designed for your home. Industrial pesticides could be dangerous and cause serious health problems.

Where Would You Use Antimicrobials?

Odds are you’ve already used antimicrobial products in your home. While there are many viruses such as Covid-19 and the flu, most antimicrobials go after bacteria since they are commonly found on surfaces such as kitchen countertops and in trash cans.

People find cleaning products designed to kill bacteria that cause illness and odors in most stores. If it kills bacteria, it doesn’t mean it kills viruses and fungi. If you want something that specifically kills viruses, then you want a product that says anti-viral.

Antimicrobial is a catch-all term, but the net is too large. It may kill certain types of bacteria or viruses, but unless it specifically says it kills Covid-19 or flu viruses, be careful.

Common Antimicrobial Products

There are many types of antimicrobial products. One of the best is antimicrobial paper products. Some companies create specialized Washi paper products for use in restaurants, printer paper, packaging paper, and stationery.

You’ll also find antimicrobial cloth products such as bath towels and cleaning cloths. There are many cleaning supplies labeled as antimicrobial as well as common household products such as toothpaste and mouthwashes.

Many times, soaps and detergents, and disinfectants are antimicrobial. If you don’t know if the product is antimicrobial, then examine the packaging. It’s a selling factor, so they’ll have it prominently on the packet.

Make the Right Decision

If you’re looking to keep your home safe from germs and viruses, then you need antimicrobial products. They’ll eliminate the germs and keep your family from getting diseases. It’s important to choose the right products, so make sure you get products labeled as antimicrobial.

For more information about antimicrobial products, please explore our site.

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