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Tennis is a famous sport that has been played for years and all over the world. Besides the fact that it is good for your health and condition, it is also super fun to do. If you prefer to watch tennis than play it yourself, there are plenty of channels where you can watch tennis tournaments. If you follow all of these, you will soon find out who will be the next ATP Tour stars.

What is the ATP tour?

The ATP season is the annual range of tennis tournaments organized by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) including the grand slam tournaments. There is a ranking maintained based on the results. At the end of the season, the best eight will participate in the ATP World Tour Finals. 

The women’s counterpart is the WTA season with the closing WTA Tour Championships. They have a different competition. 

The best tennis player of this year is Novak Djokovic. No surprise there, with a score of 12113 points, he carries the title: ‘Big titles king’ since 2020. The 34-year-old succeeded by winning 61 of the 4 most important tournaments.

It is not just luck that helped him during the years. The original Serbian descent started playing tennis when he was only 4 years old. At the age of 12 he was already allowed to go to the academy of tennis in Germany. 

We can therefore say that with 30 years of tennis experience, this is a very good achievement. We will all be looking forward to his upcoming matches. 

The best tennis player of the moment is followed by the 25-year-old Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedev. With a score of 10370, he is currently in 2nd place. With the amount of points he has and his age, Novak Djokovic should watch his back.

Due to the tournaments in 2019, he received a 4th place, and continued to succeed after that. Also, in 2020 he went higher in the ranking even while the Coronavirus was roaming and many matches got postponed. The ATP’s will surely be an exciting time for the young player.

The 3rd top tennis player in line is the 35-year-old Spanish Rafael Nadal with no less than 8270 points. Although he is in 3rd place, he is admired by many fellow tennis players for his talent. He is the only tennis player to have won the same match 13 times. This was rewarded for 5 seasons by being number 1 in the ranking.

Our conclusion

So, as you can see there are three very strong players this season, but the season is not over yet. The season runs from January 5, 2021 to November 28, 2021. Until then, there will be many competitions to decide who will ultimately be the best tennis player of 2021. All three have put in a great performance so far, especially for the 25-year-old Daniil, this is exceptional. It will therefore come as no surprise to us that we will be hearing a lot more from Daniil Medvedev. Nobody can wait to watch all these amazing athletes come into action at the competition!

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