What are Common Foot Problems in Older Adults? 3 Issues to Learn About

When you stop to think about it, we take our feet for granted. We use them every day, yet it’s not until something goes wrong that we really notice how often we rely on them.

Make no mistake, it’s only a matter of time until something goes wrong. Statistics show that 77% of adults in the United States struggle or have struggled with some type of foot problem.

But what are the common foot problems in older adults that you can expect to deal with? And more importantly, what can you do to fix or prevent them?

Below, you’ll learn about three of the most common foot conditions, so make sure to keep reading!

1. Hammertoe

Yes, this foot injury is every bit as nasty as it sounds. Hammertoe occurs over time due to damage in a toe’s middle joint, resulting in a permanent bend.

It’s worth noting that hammertoe can impact any toe, though it’s most commonly seen in the second or third toe.

Common causes of hammertoe include repeated stress from physical activity such as hiking or running, though improper footwear is perhaps the most frequent cause. If a shoe is too small, the toes may become cramped, causing joints to shift.

Likewise, it’s one of the most common foot problems with aging as arthritis is also a major cause.

Though hammertoe is fixable, it often requires extensive surgery with a long recovery time.

2. Bunions

Like hammer toe, bunions occur most often due to wearing smaller than recommended shoes. Unlike its painful counterpart, however, bunions only occur in the big toe of each foot.

The best way to prevent bunions or ease the pain from existing issues is to purchase shoes a size up from your current footwear.

You can also try icing the bunion or taking over-the-counter pain medication.

3. Plantar Fasciitis

This painful heel condition occurs when the tissue surrounding the calcaneus (heel bone) becomes inflamed. As a result, it can be tough to walk or put any pressure on the heel whatsoever.

The good news is that plantar fasciitis is actually quite easy to treat.

Start by changing your shoes or adding a gel insert. Improper heel support can put extra strain on the muscles in your heel.

You may also want to try losing weight, as extra strain on the heel is the leading cause of plantar fasciitis.

There are also several stretches you can do to treat heal pain. Next time you’re experiencing pain, try flexing your toes toward your shin for a few seconds. You should start to feel relief.

Nailed it: What are Common Foot Problems in Older Adults?

Did you come into this article wondering what are common foot problems in older adults? If so, we hope we helped answer your questions.

Remember, the best way to prevent these painful foot issues is by wearing right-sized shoes. Spending a few extra dollars on footwear now might save you a ton of medical bills in the future.

For more amazing health facts, be sure to check out the rest of our wellness blog! And don’t forget to come back, as we’re always updating our selection of new and exciting content.

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