WH Adviser Tony Sayegh to ‘War Room’: Impeachment ‘Sure Loser’ for Dems

White House senior adviser Tony Sayegh on Friday told “War Room” Impeachment” live on TV that impeaching Donald Trump was “a sure loser for Democrats” in next year’s election.

“Yesterday was the day, if they actually go forward with the impeachment aicles, that Nancy Pelosi solidified the fact that she will not be speaker of the House next year, because the Democrats will absolutely lose the majority,” Sayegh, senior adviser for strategy, said.

“Wow,” exclaimed the three “War Room” hosts: Steve Bannon, Jason Miller and Raheem Kassam.

“That’s a pretty big statement,” Bannon said.

Sayegh explained: “When you’re a politician who focuses on what you care about more than what the people who elect you care about, you lose.

“We now have 230 Democrats who are solely focused on what they care about in their little hyper-paisan, echo chamber impeachment — not what their constituents care about.”

Sayegh cited the USMCA trade agreement with Mexico and Canada, among other congressional issues.

“We need a budget,” he said. “We don’t have a budget in Washington.

“The most fundamental, basic obligation of our government is to fund the military, to make sure we have border security, to do all these essential things.

“We still don’t have a budget,” Sayegh added, “and we have five or six legislative days left.”

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