Ways To Make Your Compliance Training More Engaging

Compliance training involves educating employees on laws, regulations, and company policies that apply to their day-to-day job responsibilities. Organizations offer their employees compliance training on a wide range of topics like work place discrimination, protecting trade secrets, and dealing with competitors etc. 

Compliance training is essential for employees because they should be aware of company policies and procedures. Good compliance training allows employees to follow company laws, reduce liability risks and operate effectively.

Despite all the benefits offered by compliance training, it is viewed by many organisations and their employees as a mere necessity. As a result, learners taking compliance training are often disengaged. 

Thinkific is a platform that allows organisations to deliver more engaging compliance training. The learning management system offers a variety of features like gamification and microlearning that can make almost any training experience more fun and engaging. With that said, there is much more than implementing an LMS that you can do to improve the impact of your compliance training.

Here are a few ideas:


Usually all the employees in the company follow the same compliance training sessions. Whenever possible, try to personalize the training session depending on the individual’s job profile. 

This would make the learner more invested in the learning process because it’s more relevant and when a training process is non relevant, make sure to simplify the training process so that everyone can understand.

2)Reward the quick learners:

When someone is recognized for their work, there is a high chance that they focus more on their work to prove themselves again. To encourage the fast participation, consider offering incentives like special training regarding their career growth or public appreciation mail etc. Usually most of the employees don’t find compliance training exciting, but when combined with incentives, they are likely to invest.

3)Try non conventional approach:

Move away from memory based learning, replace the memory based question like “What does LMS stand for”? With questions which test the creative ability or problem solving ability of the individual. Give the learners more situation based examples and tasks. This approach can really help learners in engaging with compliance training.

4)Strong storytelling:

When you point out some concept with a context and build a story around it, there is a high chance of grabbing the attention of the learners. This has been practiced for so long but this strategy always helps in any form of training. Remember compliance training is not academic pursuit, but an essential part of good performance and also a legal requirement. When the training is connected with real life scenarios and relatable examples, the learner can find them in a better position when confronted with real-life problems.

5)Gamify learning process:

Compliance training has a bad reputation for being monotonous. A great way to make the compliance training interesting is by adding an element of gamification whenever possible and make it more interactive. Games are not only for fun but helps the user to concentrate more and engage with the learning process

6)Use videos and graphics:

Graphics, animations and videos grab the attention of the learners, but this might get overwhelming when it gets too much. Use graphics and videos whenever needed but don’t try to go overboard in the process of making the training more engaging and impactful to the listener. When the media format learning becomes excessive, there is a high chance of users losing interest in the first place.


Making compliance training more interesting and engaging by using various sources is very important because it’s the only way to draw the attention of the user. Everytimea new dimension should be added to create a fun loving experience for the user without compromising the actual motive of the compliance learning. Make the training more engaging and interactive!

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