Ways to land yourself a dream job

We all have aspirations for a dream career that drives our passions and creative ambitions to create, innovate or improve. Some people have a lot of clarity on the profession they wish to carve out. Such professionals plan out their careers methodically, making moves to inch closer to their dream jobs.

However, it takes years of slaving away at a tedious 9-to-5 desk job to realize their true vocation for many others. Not all of us have the clarity when it comes to landing our dream jobs. Many of us have a habit of brushing aside our passions and aspirations to achieve financial stability and job security. Careers grounded in creativity, such as stand-up comedy or writing children’s storybooks, are discouraged, even in this day and age. Landing your dream job is not a walk in the park, and it requires a determined, success-oriented mindset. Keep reading to explore some practical strategies to land yourself a dream job.

Have FAITH in your Goals

You cannot chase your dream career if you don’t have faith in your goals and ambitions. Family members, friends, mentors, counselors, and colleagues may dissuade and discourage you. But ultimately, having faith in your dreams is a conscious choice and effort that you must make every single day.

People aspire to have all kinds of careers, which may seem impractical, fantastical, or unrealistic to others. Some people want to work as elephant nannies, fashion illustrators, travel journalists, party planners, and interior decorators. Others want to work as forensic scientists, quantum physicists, intelligence officers, tech geniuses, and TV presenters.

Before you start exploring how to become an intelligence officer, a landscape designer, or forensic expert, cultivate your confidence. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to enjoy a unique, rewarding, and exciting career? The path is riddled with roadblocks, but your faith in your dreams and visions will keep you steadfast and focused.

Cultivate Persistence & Perseverance

Do you know the one thing in common across all the Bill Gates, Warren Buffets, and Elon Musks of the world? Apart from their talent, innovation, and confidence, they all possessed the persistence and perseverance to stay steadfast on their goals. Your dream job may seem unattainable and unrealistic. But once upon a time, Apple’s modern-day innovations also appeared unrealistically futuristic and unattainable. If Steve Jobs had given up on his dream, our lives and homes wouldn’t welcome the convenience of Apple’s striking innovations.

It’s crucial to set SMART goals, but don’t let your pragmatism dissuade you from romantically pursuing your passions. It’s vital to invest the right amount of research, forethought, and planning to make pragmatic moves that invite success. Ultimately, your persistence will bring you closer to your milestones and your dream career.

Understanding your Aptitude & Acumen

Learning about yourself, recognizing your talents, and harnessing your skills are crucial undertakings to enjoy a successful professional life. Some people are overconfident and end up exaggerating their abilities, which always results in disappointments. However, underconfident students and professionals with low self-esteem avoid taking risks and finding their voice.

It’s crucial to take a balanced approach towards weighing your aptitude, skillset, and acumen. Do you believe you’re ready to embark on your dream job? For instance, if you aspire to become an intelligence officer, will your skillset add value to the CIA or the FBI? This career path requires robust physical fitness and mental sharpness, alongside many cognitive abilities, such as problem-solving and analytical reasoning skills.

If you don’t possess these skills, devote your time and resources to cultivate these skills. Devote your time to research, upgrading your skills, undergoing training, and undertaking coursework relevant to your field. It’s also wise to set up informational consultation sessions with career counselors and professionals affiliated with your target organization.

Don’t Let Fear Deter You

There’s an abundance of stressors and fears that deter us from taking risks and pursuing our dream jobs. What if I get rejected due to lack of experience? What if my artwork doesn’t align with the magazine’s editorial policy? What if I end up embarrassing myself in a room full of high-profile investors?

Don’t let yourself get deterred by the possibility of negative consequences. There’s a fair chance that things may not work out the way you want them. But you cannot allow your fears to overshow the possibility of positive outcomes.

You may have to work a 9-to-5 for several years before you finally embark on your dream job. You may end up working in a subordinate position, taking orders from someone working your dream job. It’s essential to be bold and take calculated risks. If the odds are pitted against you, don’t let fear overshadow your resolve and determination.

Taking Calculated Risks

Losing your financial security and stability to chase your dream job is not a practical or pragmatic strategy. If you’re growing your family with a second mortgage on the house, your monthly paycheck is an absolute necessity. It’s crucial to take calculated risks and ease into your dream career gradually by cementing financial stability.


As long as you’re focused, steadfast and confident, your dream job will eventually become your career. You will have to evade roadblocks and obstacles with your persistence and passion. Focus on cultivating skills to increase your marketability and ensure that you’re a good fit for the career you desire.

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