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Ways to Get More Leads for your Business

Run Contests, Giveaways, and Promos

People, by nature, are curious beings. More so, we like a bit of friendly competition while satisfying that curiosity. Using this to your advantage, why not run a few contests and giveaways to get you started? Most businesses do pre-launch events, so the audience anticipation is more exciting. Most people jump at the chance of freebies and discounts.

Also, using your existing web platforms, you can manage a call to action like lead magnets. This is something you give away in exchange for your people to subscribe to your email list. For example, if someone signs up for your blog newsletter, you can continue email marketing to them by sending vouchers, coupons, or flyers for sales, discounts, and other events.

Likewise, the key to successful lead generation using this strategy is to make sure the prize is relevant and valuable to your potential customers. Make it too broad and accessible to the general public, and you might end up with an influx of unqualified leads.

Engage With Leads

Good customer service is more often than not the make or break of many businesses. It doesn’t matter much whether you’re in the food, technology, fashion, or publishing industry.

Customer satisfaction will most definitely have a considerable impact on your lead generation and sales. Naturally, the more satisfied prospects are, the more likely they are to purchase something.

To aid with this, you can try using live chat or chatbots on your website to ensure fast and hassle-free assistance to those who may require it. Direct lead engagement generates higher interest, mostly when you answer their inquiries in the best way possible.

With live chat, you can engage with people and interest them in your other products or services if they are already thinking of buying. It is also an excellent way to promote your business. By building quality contextual backlinks for your website with the help of an expert blogger outreach services provider, you can get more leads for your business.

Think of it as word of mouth but in virtual form. If the customer is satisfied, they might refer you to their friend and family and so on until you gain a steady following from a small group of people.

Set-up and Attend Events

Rubbing elbows with others in the industry is an effective way to gain connections. This is what events are good for, but you can also use it to your lead generation advantage. Setting up and attending events could be two separate endeavors. Don’t worry; you don’t need an entire sales team and fancy venues to manage either.

You can come as an attendee and network your way through with pleasantries and exchange of business cards. You can also set up your own events, if possible.

It can be as small or as big as you like so long as your target audience comes. It doesn’t even have to be a physical meetup as webinars are also the trend nowadays, though nothing beats face-to-face interactions. Be sure to market your event properly so that people can see it. Most social media platforms allow for event RSVPs. You can send out links to your mailing list or forward it via your platforms.

You can even get it sponsored by people with substantial social media following for maximum exposure.

Try Different Ad Channels

Surprising as it may come for those who practically live and breathe the internet, there is a world out there apart from the virtual one. While social media is indeed a powerful marketing tool, there is still a sizable percentage of possible leads that use other means of technology and communication. This is especially common for older folks who prefer television and radio.

Though this populace is growing smaller each year, lead generation is all about trying out which strategies work. You might want to try advertising in podcasts, radio shows, and good old television commercials if you have the budget.

Cross-promoting with other businesses is also a good way to do third-party endorsements.

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