Ways to File a Claim If You Are Injured by an Unlicensed Car Driver in Katy

Stats show that Katy, TX, witnesses up to 10 car accidents per week. Over 3000 families reside in the city, and over 70% of the population are old enough to drive. Car accidents in Katy, TX, can have severe medical and financial consequences. The city follows a non-at-fault approach to car accidents. 

The “fault” is shared between all drivers involved in the accident. In Katy car accident lawyer might be the best way to enhance your chances of proving there is minimal or no negligence on your side. Your attorney will guide you through the process of filing for and receiving compensation for your losses.

What is Modified Comparative Fault?

Texas traffic laws follow the modified comparative negligence principle. If you are in a car accident in Katy, TX, the jury will first compute the percentage of fault of all drivers. 

If the other driver is 90% at fault, you are eligible for 90% of the total insurance claim. However, if you are more than 50% at fault, you may not be entitled to any compensation. The rule applies to both injury claims and property damage claims. 

The other driver’s insurance company will compensate you for your eligible medical expenses and property damage expense. The compensation amount would also depend on your medical bills, car repair bills, and other relevant documents. Your Katy based car accident lawyer will help you assess and claim the compensation you are eligible for. 

Your attorney will also help you negotiate with the court and insurance companies. The insurance laws applicable to Katy, TX, states that all drivers in the city should have insurance covers of up to $30000 for personal injury damages and $25000 for property damages. 

What to do if an Uninsured Motorist injures you

Katy, TX, drivers are expected to follow specific implicit agreements while driving on city roads. The driver has to ensure the safety of passengers in their vehicles and other passengers and pedestrians on the road. 

Drivers who fail to meet the required implicit agreements are considered to have “breached” the contract. If an underage driver handled the steering wheel of the other car, your lawyer might be able to prove that the unlicensed driver was 100% at fault. 

Driving Without a License in Katy, TX

Both federal and state laws prohibit driving without a license. Studies show that unlicensed drivers cause 20% of car accidents in the U.S. The Texas Transportation Code states that drivers without a license can be charged fines of up to $200 if such drivers are first-time offenders. Repeated offenders could be charged fines as high as $500 and up to 6 months of imprisonment.

Who Will Compensate You?

In some cases, the uninsured at-fault driver has insurance coverage, then the insurance company of the driver will compensate you for your damages. If the driver has no insurance coverage, then you can claim personal injury damages compensation and property damages compensation from your own insurance company.

Work With a Lawyer

Accidents involving unlicensed drivers are more complicated than typical car accidents. An expert Katy, TX attorney can help you prove that you are eligible for compensation. Your lawyer will also help you establish that the unlicensed driver is at fault and you are not.

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