Ways Insurance Companies can use SMS Text Messaging for Better Growth

In order to survive and thrive in this modern and competitive landscape, it is important for insurance companies to use every available marketing method and tool that offers a competitive edge. No doubt you have valuable insurance products, you should spread the word effectively to drive more leads and sales. A lot of marketing methods are available that can make the marketing journey of insurance companies easier and SMS Marketing is also the need of the hour as everyone has a mobile phone for effective communication. 

Let’s discuss some ways integration of a text messaging strategy into the insurance marketing campaign can boost the value of insurance products and help them secure more leads. 

Relationship building and business expansion

Whether you offer life insurance plans, vehicle insurance, or general liability coverage for small businesses, text messages offer multiple opportunities to promote your plans, find new customers, improve customer relationships and sell more policies. Integration of SMS service with CRM system allows them to automate several tasks that marketing and sales departments do. They can also share personalized text messages to individual customers with an intention to improve the overall impact of their marketing campaigns. 

SMS Makes your Offers more Attractive

Insurance companies are always seeking ways to provide their customers with preventive tips. It will not only help customers to stay safe in natural disasters but can also reduce the number of claims that insurance companies receive every year. For instance, insurance companies can send weather alerts, expected storms, or extreme weather conditions via SMS messages. As a result, they can take essential preventive measures to reduce the chances of getting injured or avoid expensive property damages. 

Increase Open Enrollment Awareness

There are several techniques to share open enrollment details, but most of them are expensive and time taking. While SMS messaging offers a quick and efficient way to increase open enrollment awareness and provide potential employees with important details right on their mobile phones. The best thing about text alerts is they are read more than other marketing methods like emails. You can partner with an SMS marketing company to send bulk texts in one go instead of sending one by one. You can also use your landline or hotline number to make those texts look more professional. 

Better Customer Experience

SMS marketing offers the most effective communication channel for insurance agents to engage with their customers. You can use messaging software to text enable your landline number or hotline to answer the queries of customers. This also allows life insurance agents to collect user details and information quickly to streamline the claims processes. Text messaging provides your customers with an easier and quicker way to reach, connect and interact with your company to get more details and information about your company or plans. 

Secure More Leads

SMS marketing offers a huge potential to secure more insurance leads as almost 98% of texts are being read. You can send potential customers enticing insurance deals and plans via text messages and then collect more details about your customers. After that, you can segment customers based on collected data and information to send them relevant insurance plans and information to turn them into valued customers. Segment customers based on their behavior and the interest they take in your system to send them with the most relevant offers to sell more.

Quickly Answer to FAQs

The utilization of SMS marketing offers a great way to share the benefits of insurance plans you have to offer. This as a result will eliminate loads of questions potential customers may have in their minds. However, they may have some additional questions to make informed decisions. This is where text messages can help you answer those questions in real-time. Furthermore, most SMS marketing solutions allow insurance companies to set automated answers for frequently asked questions to answer customer queries and questions as soon as possible.  

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