Wanna Know a Great Website I Found For Camping Beds?

On our previous camping trips away, I’d always enjoyed every part of them, from the fresh air to the closer bonds we enjoy with family. There was, however, one exception to this rule and it came into focus at the end of each day – the problem you see, were the beds. 

A simple groundsheet wasn’t enough for someone at my age (49), so I went looking for a website that offered something better. I found a few that offered some OK products, which I nearly went for – but a little voice in my head told me to keep looking. 

I’m glad I decided to trust my hunch as the continued search paid dividends after about 20 minutes, because I ended up finding a fantastic site that went by the name of Fin Feather Fur. I’d seen a few reviews saying they were great, so I went over and paid them a visit and boy was I impressed. 

A Wide Range of Options Available

I was blown away by the selection on this website, as it catered for every possible need. Let me take you through just a few of the great products they offered to make the whole experience more comfortable for old, crusty campers like me…

  • Coleman SupportRest AirBed – I’ll start with my new favourite thing – my air bed. Thanks to my air compressor, I can have this little beauty up and ready to spread out on in under ten minutes for a outdoor slumber that’s very similar to the one I get at home.

It’s my favourite because it spares me from that crick in my neck that I always seem to get when not in my own bed. 

  • Kelty Mistral Sleeping Bags – while I was on the website, I also remembered that our sleeping bags had seen better days. I’d noticed that Fin Feather Fur had quite a choice and while we did want to be cosy, we weren’t  going to be needing anything designed for polar expeditions!

In the end, I went for a Kelty Mistral sleeping bag for myself, my wife and our three kids. Having used them three times since, I can tell you that they’re really comfortable and quite an upgrade on the old, tattered ones we had before.

  • Klymit Pillows – I also went for a Klymit pillow for everyone, as sleeping bags on their own with no neck support can lead to more stiffness problems. 

These nifty pillows encourage a good night’s sleep as the innovative ‘X’ design means your head always hits the middle of it. 

A Better Outdoor Gear Website You Will Not Find!

So, when it comes down to it, the gear on offer at Fin Feather Fur is higher quality and more extensive than I saw anywhere else, so I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone reading my blog.

What I’ve talked about here is some of the equipment used for sleeping and it’s just one of an array of categories they have that includes things like ammunition for hunting, fishing gear, footwear and all-weather tents.

In my honest opinion, I don’t think that there’s a better shop of its kind anywhere and so if you’re after something for your next trip away, you could do an awful lot worse.

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Last modified: October 22, 2021

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