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In today’s day and age, people are increasingly moving away from the more traditional media consumption of scheduled television, moving instead to streaming services such as Youtube, Twitch, and Netflix. To ensure their content is generating the revenue it deserves, content creators need to adapt with their audience; this is where a video monetization platform comes in.

What does a Video Monetization Service do for you?

A monetization platform like Vlogbox does a number of things for content creators looking to maximize their revenue. If you’re providing AVOD (ad based video on demand) content to your audience, then ensuring the ads used are appropriate for your viewership is critical for revenue growth. If the viewer is being shown ads, which are of no interest or relation to them, not only could the cash flow be limited, but also decrease the viewers’ engagement in the content itself. A monetization service can offer highly targeted ads to the consumer, whether they’re watching on a television or a mobile device. The benefit of advertising today on Internet platforms is the responsiveness of the ad campaign, and Vlogbox is able to offer a dashboard, which provides invaluable data and analytics. This allows you to monitor the reach and conversion rates of your ads, as well as track the revenue they are generating in real time.

If you use an SVOD (subscription based video on demand), a platform like Vlogbox can help establish a competitive subscription price whilst heading an ad campaign to promote your service. Vlogbox has a network of hundreds of apps across various platforms, including the popular Roku, with an active user base of over 150k consumers, giving your content a very large reach from day one.

A more bespoke option available is for the platform to build an app to get your content straight into the homes of your viewers, whether that’s a new channel for comedic content, a new vlog platform, and everything in between.  These apps can then be used by the viewers within different CTV environments, including Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple, and Android TV. Having your app developed by a platform frees up your time and focus as a creator, to prioritize doing what you do best, making content for your viewers.

What does a monetization service cost?

The exact cost will vary from service to service, as will the method of payment the service requests from you. There are two main models, either direct payment to the company, as you would do with any other service or product you purchase, or revenue sharing. Some content creators may prefer paying the video monetization service directly as if it were a bill, so they can see all of their revenue coming in and deal with it appropriately. Some platforms, like Vlogbox, instead take a percentage or fixed amount of the revenue your content creates, so no direct payments are required apart from a potential initial payment. This has a few benefits, as the creator doesn’t have to make payments or ensure money is kept in an account for automatic payments. If payment is arranged as a percentage share, the platform has even more reason, besides your continued custom, to ensure your content is as successful as possible. After all, the more revenue your content creates, the more money both the platform and the creator make.


A video monetization platform can provide a lot of services to content creators to stimulate growth in the viewer base, as well as maximize overall revenue potential. Utilizing a service like Vlogbox can also free up a lot of time and energy for content creation and outside of work relaxation; however, creators must weigh up the cost of the service against the litany of benefits it provides.

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Last modified: September 3, 2021

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