Usps Priority Mail- The What And Why

The USPS Priority Mail is a prevalent feature of the federal service. The priority mail ensures speedy delivery of products and safely. If you happen to own a business that needs to ship and often heavy products, the flat rate is your way to go. It will save you a lot of money. You don’t have to worry about the shipping costs exceeding your profits. This article tells you how you can avoid leaving money on the table and make the most profit using this service. Read on to find more.

The priority mail is a flat rate shipping service. That means, if you happen to ship a lot of heavy items, you are in luck. The service was designed to encourage e-commerce sellers to ship more through this service itself. It is more expensive on the flip side if you do want to ship lighter products. However, the aim is to give you a detailed breakup. You can choose whether or not to avail of it post-reading this.


The USPS priority mail time happens to be guaranteed delivery in 1-3 days. It is a single flat rate service that has been attractive for many business owners over the years. It essentially eliminates the tedious requirements of calculating the weight and then shipping and finding out the cost of postage stamps and all.

It is a one-rate that fits all. Business owners have loved it through the ages because it increases the ease of doing business. It is fast and inexpensive when it comes to shipping heavy products.


This is to reiterate. The priority mail enables business owners to ship in bulk at a flat rate. The time and tediousness of calculating the cost of every product reduces. If you are a, let us say, specialty toymaker. Then most of your products are below the weight of 70m pounds, which means you need to calculate the number of boxes you have shipped and multiply that with a flat rate.

Can you imagine how simple it becomes if you don’t have to maintain the differential shipment price of most products? Just give it a thought, and you’ll understand why this has become this popular.


The workings of this priority shipping are pretty simple. Now that it doesn’t depend on the box’s weight and form, you can eliminate the difficult task of correctly measuring the weight and dimensions of the box.


So to go to your nearest retailer and get the box that will fit your requirement. Now it is essential to clear a prevalent misconception that might occur at this point. Priority shipping has a flat rate, yes, but it depends on the box size you choose. The rates of the priority shipping depend on the box that you prefer. There are various options. You can fit min as much weight as you want below 70 pounds in a box. 

So let us go over it once again. Get a box that fits your size. The regular size of your products will determine the size of your package. That is how your flat rate is fixed. As an e-commerce seller, it is safe to assume that your regular shipments can be sorted into box sizes. That will help you save money and time, of course.

Pack the items safely in the box, and take special care if they happen to be fragile. Address the package correctly


Just go to a USPS office. Ship the box using the priority mail express, and voila! Your job here is done. You can safely wait and hear that your package has been delivered to the destination.


USPS offers a state of tracking facility. You or your customer needs to access the site or app and enter the tracking ID. You will be able to get correct updates as to where your product has reached.


Another unique feature that has been offered is the insurance service. That is, if your product happens to be less than $50 in cost and has been damaged, your prices are covered.


USPS has put a few restrictions on figuring out what has been allowed in the shipping process and what hasn’t. A comprehensive list is provided below:

  • Explosives
  • Firearm ammunition
  • Airbags
  • Alcohol
  • Gasoline
  • And a few other things

It is safe to say that now you have a fair idea regarding the USPS Priority Mail service. To conclude, it is fast, efficient, secure, and reliable. It is very cost-effective for small businesses as well. This service is one that you can use without hindrance.

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