Using Text Message Marketing for Customer Loyalty Programs

At least 90% of users who prefer to shop online use loyalty programs. Choosing from the available options, the client evaluates privileges that can be received during cooperation with a certain brand.

An advertising campaign should be focused on the target audience. To do this, use Testelium’s delivery testing service. You will see how the buyers’ activity improves after receiving SMS.

How can a loyalty program benefit your brand?

The SMS marketing strategy has a lot of advantages, as well as loyalty program engagement. Is it profitable for users and your organization to use these options? The following features will help determine this:

1.      Potential buyers use smartphones and can quickly view the received SMS with new promotions and other interesting offers.

2.      The loyalty program on the Internet doesn’t require the use of cards, which are often lost.

3.      There is no need to search for additional equipment for sending out marketing messages.

Nice bonuses will be a step towards improving customers’ loyalty and increasing the company’s profits.

How the inclusion of SMS can improve your loyalty programs

More and more users are using SMS. Therefore, personalized newsletters and bonus programs are a great way to communicate with them. Segment potential buyers into several categories (age, social status, place of residence) and send each of them the most interesting promotions.

3 examples of companies using SMS programs for customers

Many companies use unique promotions and send their conditions by SMS. One of them is knowITall. This company produces software for pharmacies and actively cooperates with its consumers, offering them unique bonuses for joining the loyalty program.

Starbucks awards points to its users that can be redeemed for coffee or merchandise. And Grubhub’s in its text-based loyalty program provides target audiences with up to $400 gift to eat in their restaurants.

5 tips for including text messaging into your loyalty program

The creation of messages includes many stages. Among them is the loyalty program for regular customers. Thanks to it, they can study information not only about new products but also about bonuses.

Tip 1 – the title of the program

Many clients will pay attention to the company if the loyalty program has an unusual name. This will become your unique feature.

Tip 2 – principles of getting prizes

Members look forward to rewards. To win a prize, they must reply to the SMS with certain keywords or perform other actions. Mention it in your message to keep the program as simple as possible.

Tip 3 – types of bonuses

Bonuses should be useful. For example, discounts on the next purchase, free shipping of goods, or promo points that can be redeemed for valuable prizes.

Tip 4 – answering machine

The company’s subscribers should receive advertising notifications all the time. Setting up automatic replies and message sending will you help improve the experience of your clients.

Tip 5 – increasing interest

Offer small ratings, quizzes, or polls, and then reward participants with small prizes. This will make the program more attractive to the target audience.

Putting it in a nutshell

SMS marketing is a great way to start cooperation with regular customers if you offer them unique bonus offers. The larger the contact base is, the higher the chances of increasing the company’s income using simple promotional methods. Modern technologies and tools will allow us to conduct SMS decoding and test the delivery of every message.

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Last modified: June 1, 2021

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