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Nepal has always been a fantastic destination in terms of travel and trekking. There are various region in Nepal where you can have a wonderful trek. Some of them are Everest base camp trek, Annapurna base camp trek, Annapurna circuit trek, Langtang valley trek, Manaslu trek etc and so on. 

Each and Every trekking is well managed in terms of packages made by various travel agencies in Nepal. Now we are going to talk about the upper mustang trekking difficulty. In other words you will be known about the trails weather condition and accommodation facilities at the end of this article.

It is of course a moderate level of trek and even has a difficulty as per many aspects. However, during the time of trekking you will experience an absolute doable if you are moving so physically fit and fine among enthusiastic travelers who extremely loved to explore the trans-Himlayan terrain. 

This is the most suitable trek for most trekkers that includes kids and families including old or senior people too. If someone is not able to walk properly in the middle of the trekking trail. In such times you will get a jeep facility according to your request or designed packages. So you don’t have to worry about such situations because it’s so common and this tek will be completely convenient and safe.

Mustang is a reputed destination in Nepal in terms of trek and risk taking activities as an adventure touring. This is the stunning region which offers the most fascinating views of various unspoiled natural vegetation with a beautiful landscape that is unlike various places in Nepal.

During the time of your visit in one of the fascinating regions of Mustang district of Nepal. If you can find a bit of variation with Tibet because of local languages and cultural heritage. Although in a segment of Mountainous region as terrain with a mixture of mountains filled as snow capped and desert lands.

During your wonderful visit to Mustang district you will be finding different similarities in landscape and cultural boundedness. Upper mustang is located in the rain shadow of the massif region of nepal that is Dhaulagiri massif and Annapurna region. On the other side of this trek you will get a possibility of trekking during the monsoon season of monsoon.

At the same time it is also a good time to add up a single day for two days of travel interruptions due to the ultimately aggressive weather in the lowlands of these regions. In the upper mustang which is also suitable without having any hesitation and any restriction or limitation. Yet you must be well and healthy to maintain a balance between you mental and physical fitness. 

Some useful tip for Upper Mustang trek

  • Walk slowly and take necessary rests in between walks
  • Dress in layers because the temperature generally falls and rise with the increase or decrease in altitude. This way you can put on and take off your clothes according to the weather
  • A strong wind from the north of the valley dominates the entire Upper Mustang trail. Thus taking a windproof gear is very useful
  • Keep extra days to explore the local villages and in case of flight delays esp. during monsoon
  • Pre-book for hotels and flight during peak season
  • Stay hydrated. Carry water bottles
  • Always reach out for help in the case of AMS

Altitude sickness

Talking about the altitude sickness in Upper mustang trek . As it is the most important part of health procedure to maintain balance while trekking in Upper mustang. It lies in about an altitude of 3900m above sea level.It is because the altitude sickness problem is not even a common problem among various trekkers and might not be a problem for somebody.It is also a best form so that considered a stage beneficial to be known about the certain problem of condition among trekkers across the world. 

In  conclusion

Upper mustang trek is also an amazing trek that you can choose to be a part of it. You will experience vegetation, landscape, warm welcoming hospitality of people and many more. tHis  is a trail thing as you go up you will be seeing a snow capped mountain and may be your breathtaking moment in life. 

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